ARPQ is dedicated to protecting the interests of home owners in residential parks and we are funded by membership contributions.

The concept of residential parks for the over 50’s has much to compliment it as a retirement destination and ARPQ promotes that concept.

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We are also dedicated, through the legislative process in striking a true balance of interest between park operators and home owners.

We encourage our members to keep us informed as to what may be happening in individual parks and urge our members to take an active and constructive role in the park of their choice and ARPQ.

There are many issues that prospective home owners may face and not be sure about, so ARPQ will always be available to assist.

We at ARPQ believe it is important to have a strong voice in State and Federal issues that affect our industry and are always willing to work with other home owners’ associations in Queensland and home owner associations in all other States.

We already have regular communications with home owner associations in other States and it is generally agreed that we should establish an alliance on an Australia wide basis. ARPQ will be pursuing such an alliance.

We want our image to be pro-active rather than reactive so we will continue to lobby both State and Federal governments. We at ARPQ do not believe that because we are of mature years that we should lose interest in issues that affect us. We are many and we vote.

Chair: Don Ehrlich 0408767807, Sec: Beryl Dwyer 0413079278, Treas: Judy Dewar 0417220747

Advocacy: David Paton 38887696. Web site: