48 Hours in Budapest

Situated on the beautiful Danube River, Budapest is a must-visit for anyone looking to for an authentic and luxurious slice of Hungarian culture. Boasting elegant architecture, fine dining, and easy access to the delights of the Danube, Budapest is the obvious choice to launch your next European adventure. Check out this list of what not to miss when you visit.

Parliament Building

As you glide through Budapest, the Parliament building stands proud on the banks of the Danube to be one of the first and most spectacular sights you see cruising through this historic city. A true masterpiece of neo-Gothic architecture, it dominates the Budapest skyline with its larger than-life design, a symbol of the nation’s rich history and political legacy.

With many intricate details, the structure is adorned with countless spires, arches, and statues, making it a captivating sight from every angle. Its splendour can be felt at any hour, whether you view it during the day as the sunlight reflects off the stunning white limestone façade or at dusk with the beauty of a Budapest sunset illuminating it from behind, the building radiates an aura of majesty and elegance.

Heroes Square

Situated between two other striking tourist attractions, the Museum of Fine Arts and Palace of Art, Heroes Square is one location not to be missed when visiting Budapest. The square is adorned with statues of Hungary’s most notable national leaders immortalised in life-size form, perhaps the stand-out being the Seven chieftains of the Magyars, the original leaders of the seven tribes which made up Hungary in AD895, who are depicted in various noble stances from brandishing swords to riding horse-drawn chariots.

Even if you are not a history buff, the sheer scale of the monuments, and striking contrast between the sand-coloured stone and vivid-turquoise statues makes for a magical experience and an impressive photo opportunity.

Buda Castle

As you would expect from a castle which has been besieged no less than 31 times, Buda Castle has a rich history well worth diving into with a knowledgeable guide. The Matthias Fountain is a particularly lovely feature to look out for, designed by sculptor Alajos Stróbl’, the theatrical masterpiece depicts Hungarian King Mátyás leading a hunt.

Hospital in the Rock

For those who have time, beneath the Baroque architecture is an equally intriguing landmark. The Hospital in the Rock is a remarkable infirmary built into a 10km long natural cave system underneath the castle. Chosen because of its hidden and secure location, the caves were used to house and treat local residents and refugees alike during World War Two and has been intentionally kept much the same as it was then as a reminder to visitors of the goodness of people in the face of extreme adversity.

The Prestige Hotel

Compliment a visit to this beautiful city with an equally beautiful hotel. The Prestige Hotel Budapest combines timeless elegance and Hungarian hospitality perfectly and its prime location just meters away from Chain Bridge makes it an ideal starting point for city exploration. Famed for its classical stone façade and striking atrium lobby, staying at The Prestige is an experience in itself. All white and gold rooms include the thoughtful touches which make a city-stay extra special, including a Nespresso machines, chocolates, slippers and bathrobes, and with a Michelin endorsed restaurant on the ground floor, you are just a glass-elevator ride away from a meal to remember.

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