5 Reasons to Choose a Coach Tour for Your Next Holiday

While a cruise holiday remains a popular option for those looking to simply get away and relax, coach touring is enjoying a resurgence among an increasing number of travellers who are looking to explore new destinations and discover new experiences.

For the grey nomads who like to follow the roads to both the iconic postcard destinations and the hidden gems, coach holidays represent a comfortable and cost-effective way to see more of Australia. Here are five benefits of coach holidays:

It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

The old adage about the journey being more important than the destination rings true with coach touring, as every day there are new opportunities to explore locations along the way.

There are two main styles of coach holiday that you have to choose from—fly or travel directly to a base location where you can travel to surrounding areas each day; or follow a journey where you move on to a new location each day.

Tony Gear, Managing Director of coach and tourism company All Australian Journeys says that this is where experience makes a difference. “Companies who have been around for a while will know the ‘must-see’ stops to make along the way, as well as keeping in touch with lesser-known locations that are full of character, or destinations that have something new to offer.”

You Won’t Miss an Experience

For individuals on a self-drive adventure, one of most the common drawbacks is that the driver will often miss out on many of the sights and experiences along the way. Unless you do it every day, many people will find that concentrating on driving and navigating their route is stressful, tiring and takes away from the overall experience.

With coach touring, all the details of your holiday are taken care of and someone else is there to do the work of getting you from A to B. Routes, accommodation and meals are all organised before you depart. Coach drivers and tour directors are well equipped with information, history, and anecdotes about each location – taking care a lot of the background research to ensure you get the most from every part of your holiday.

Experiences for Solo Travellers

Coach holidays are a relaxed and enjoyable option for solo travellers and are well known for the friendships made on tour. Group activities, shared mealtimes and a light-hearted environment on the coach provides multiple opportunities to get to know fellow travellers.

Many of our passengers have formed lasting friendships while on tour, and even go on to book more tours with their new travel companions,” says Tony.

A New Perspective on Travel

Coaches are now more comfortable than ever before, but the coach you choose can make a difference. Coaches that are equipped with panoramic windows will allow you to have the greatest view of your surroundings from your seat, without any obstructions, which is great for taking memorable holiday photos. And because you’re sitting higher up than in a car or caravan, you’ll find you see things that other travellers won’t.

Cost-Effective Travel

Money sticking out of a purse

Coach travel can often be a cost-effective option for budget-conscious travellers. Fuel prices, particularly in remote locations, can be prohibitive for drivers planning trips further afield.

Coach touring companies can also access group pricing for accommodation, entry fees and meals, meaning they can secure more experiences at a better price than is often possible as an individual.

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