8 Ways in 8 Days to Change Your Style

Are you stuck in a style rut? Do you always wear black or big, comfy Kaftans? How you dress says a lot about your personality and values. Anyone, at any age, can boost their self-esteem by changing their style. And, best of all, it does not need to cost a lot of money. Take my 8 Ways In 8 Days Challenge to become style-ready.

1. Change the Way You Wear Your Hair

Hair always in a neat bun or ponytail? Wear it down. Part it on a different side. Try adding some curls. You will be amazed how changing your hairstyle instantly creates a fresh, new look.

2. Wear Colour in Your Outfit

Colours subconsciously show how we are feeling and how confident we are. Feeling powerful, special or sexy? Wear red for a boost of energy and to make you stand out. Orange is energising and associated with being sociable and cheerful, while soft pink is feminine, sweet, delicate and youthful. Feeling vibrant? Try the high energy and playful shade of hot pink.

3. Dress a Level Above

You may work from home but please, get out of those tracksuits! Make sure you accessorise, put on a touch of make-up and style your hair. You will feel energised and more confident.

4. Bold Up Your Lips

Do you wear the same shade of lipstick every day? Wear a bolder shade or a different colour. If you don’t wear lipstick, try a tinted lip balm.

5. Wear a Scarf

Scarves are a great way to show your personality, and there are so many ways you can wear one. They brighten up any outfit, and the right colour will flatter your face.

6. Sparkle and Shine

A bit of bling adds glamour; it can be jewellery, shoes, a bag or even on your shirt. Sparkles are guaranteed to lift your mood and should not be relegated to night-times only.

7. Swap Your Earrings

Many of us only change our earrings when we are going somewhere formal; but you should change them every day! Wear a pair you haven’t worn for years or buy a budget pair that is different to your usual style.

8. Foot Fetish

Don’t forget your feet! Swap those sneakers for something colourful. Shoes don’t need to be basic black. Pairing lively shoes with a snip of colour in your outfit can be stunning.
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