Adventures in the Sky

Adventures in the Sky

Australia is known across the world for its sun, wildlife, surf, and, of course, outback. Ironically, the outback is one place a lot of Australians and tourists don’t get the chance to see. With the rise of grey nomads venturing inland, here are some great ways to explore the outback… from the sky!

Hot Air Balloons

Step into your wicker transport, expertly woven together for lightness, strength, durability, and, of course, fun. As the fire is ignited and the balloon inflates, you will be lifted up into the sky, where amazing sights await you. Flights are best taken at sunrise or sunset, with stable and calm conditions letting you stand back and watch on as the colourful palette of nature puts on a spectacular show for you.

Joy Flights

See the landmarks of the outback from your seat aboard a light aircraft or helicopter flying over Australian sights such as Lake Eyre in South Australia, Uluru, and Horizontal Waterfalls. Swoop down low, taking in the expanse of colours and textures. Fly amongst the region’s birds, getting close and personal with the majestic creatures. Once only accessible by foot and rail, you will hardly believe how much of this great land you will be able to cover on your flight.


This one is for the real thrill-seekers out there. Your adventure begins by ascending thousands of feet into the air, watching as the large outback landmarks become smaller and smaller. Just when you think you’ve reached the penultimate enjoyment, the doors open and it’s time to jump.

Feel the adrenaline and awe rush through you as you take in the amazing 360-degree views. With experts there to guide you the whole way, you can feel safe and secure and ready to have some fun. Whichever way you choose to explore the outback from the sky, you are destined to have an experience unlike any other, and one you will cherish for many years to come.

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