Audiobooks Are Awesome

Audiobooks have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years. You can download an audiobook onto almost any electronic device and these simple audio files provide a narration that is both clear and emotive. Here are some of the benefits awaiting you.

Everyone loves to take a book with them when they go on holiday, but finding the space and lugging them around can be a real pain. Audiobooks can be played on your phone or music device, both of which can fit comfortably in a pocket.

Print-books have their limitations when it comes to variety. Bookstores and libraries can order in your desired titles, but this often takes weeks if not longer, depending on the location. With an audiobook, you have an extended library at your fingertips.

Not only are newly-released titles available on this platform, but classics are being added to the ever-expanding collection. Not a fan of fiction? There is also a great range of non-fiction audiobooks, with biographies, self-help books, health, history, and even magazines.

Another benefit of audiobooks is being able to multitask. You can listen while washing the dishes, folding the laundry, driving on a long trip, or just sitting back and relaxing.

Cheaper than Print
Paperbacks and hardcover books can range from $30 to $90 or more each, making it an expensive hobby. Instead of going without, try audiobooks. They are available at much more reasonable prices.

Staring at a page for too long will make anyone’s eyes blurry and sore. With an audiobook, you won’t need to wear your glasses or find the right lighting and angle. You can close your eyes and let the narrator take you on the journey.

Emotion and Drama
Where the audiobook is being read by skilled narrators, they will bring emotion and drama into the words they are reading, making the words come alive for you and will draw you in and immerse you in the magical world of books.

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