Capturing the Beauty of Cape Town

Heralded as one of the most beautiful on earth, Cape Town (oldest city in the southern African continent) met all my expectations as I journeyed through its beautiful landscape, learned the history, experienced its culinary local delights, participated in local events and finally immersed myself in the cultural and traditional lives of the locals, of this very diverse region.

Let’s Begin Our Journey Together…

Table Mountain is the most iconic and distinguishing feature on any Cape Town postcard. For those travelling to South Africa, spending time here would be the perfect start to your adventure. Every year, thousands and tourists scale the majestic mountain, either strapping on their boots and enjoying the energising hiking, or sitting back and savouring the views in the comfort of a cablecar.

Alongside the Table Mountain National Park lies the Lions Head Signal Hill. With only a 45-minute walk leading to the Signal Hill summit, it is well worth the effort. If your budget allows, why not go by air with NAC Helicopters Cape Town. The 12-minute Hopper Tour gives you a kaleidoscopic view from the top of the whole peninsula.

The oldest existing building in South Africa, The Castle of Good Hope was a bastion fort built in the 17th century. Constructed by the Dutch East India Company between 1666 and 1679, it has now been declared a historical monument, and is the first site in South Africa to be afforded such protection.

Visit the replica statue of the late Mr Nelson Mandela at the Cape Town City Hall, depicted in the exact position where he stood to deliver his inaugural speech the day after his release from prison.

Explore Bo-Kaap, formerly known as the ‘Malay Quarter’. In the historical centre of Cape Malay, its distinctive pastel-coloured houses will make for the perfect holiday snap.

From the city, venture further to Cape Winelands and the Stellenbosch region. Groot Constantia, the oldest winery in Cape Town is located a mere 20-minute drive from the city centre. With Cape Town’s Mediterranean climate, the pinotage was best described by poet Charles Pierre Baudelaire as so good: “only the lips of a lover surpassed it, in heavenly sweetness”.

Journey further to Cape Point (Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve), where the azure waters of the Indian Ocean meet the Atlantic. Explore the vastness of the Nature Reserve, including Dias beach, where Sir Francis Drake, upon seeing the Cape Point on his circumnavigation of the world on the Golden Hind (1580), commented: “This cape is a most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth.”

The perfect ending to your captivating journey can be found at the V&A (Victoria and Albert) waterfront, which boasts South Africa’s most ambitious and visionary example of urban revitalisation. From sublime shopping and fabulous local delicacies, to a colourful tapestry of extraordinary art and culture, V&A has it all.

South Africa’s Cape Town is the unique and treasured gem of the Southern Western Tip. From historical, to cultural, and political, you will never forget the wonders of your adventures in Cape Town.

Courtesy Leonard Mastapha

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