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Motorhome Vacation Camping. Camper Van on the Campsite.
Did you know that campers really are happy? Caravan Industry Association of Australia recently conducted a survey called ‘Real Richness’ which found that the notion of ‘Happy Campers’ is actually based on some truth.
The results showed that the diverse range of Australians enthusiastically choosing to experience nature and enjoy Australia’s great outdoors are actually happier, and that getting outside helps them live a healthier life.

Camping and caravanning is a lifestyle that gives people time to reconnect and find ways to build better relationships with partners and family.

Our survey found that 85% of campers felt close to their spouse compared to 65% of non-campers. As one respondent said, “The value of camping to me is the exclusivity of the time I have with my partner”.

While Caravan Industry Association of Australia conducted this research to understand the many reasons why camping and caravanning is enjoying a resurgence it also measures the benefits to people who regularly participate. The survey highlighted that a caravan and camping lifestyle promotes wellness through campers reporting that they are more active (68%) than non-campers (46%).

All of these positive benefits are reflected in the comments of our respondents with stories of recovery from serious illness supported by taking time from their regular life to go camping or caravanning. One 59-year-old female participant said “We set out four years ago to travel full time. At the time, I was in extreme ill health and had just sold a business. My health improved
so much I was no longer feeling the
consequences of my illness, our lives
improved, we loved it.”

White Caravan Motorhome Car Goes On Highway Road.

With camping and caravanning increasing in popularity with our data reporting that more and more people including those over the age of 50 and older have been contemplating going camping or caravanning within the next two years. The opportunity to explore the beauty of Australia’s natural wonders is enhanced by the additional benefits of slowing life down to a more sustainable relaxed and healthy lifestyle.

It may be that going camping and caravanning can be one of the best things you can do for your life, after all our survey respondents have proven that camping and caravanning has worked for them. With 84% of survey respondents who camp believing that camping has made them fitter and 95% reported that camping relieves stress. “[Camping] helped me feel normal again after battling cancer as a 43-year-old single person. Allowed me to make new friends through online groups”. Female Respondent aged 48.

Let’s Go Caravan and Camping’s goal is to encourage more people to take the opportunity to appreciate the camping and caravan lifestyle and discover for themselves the many benefits of hitting the road to find the great beauty and majesty of the Australian environment. We share inspiration and good news stories on the caravan and camping lifestyle and show that it is accessible and beneficial for all ages and social groups. And 88% of campers agree, believing that camping is accessible to everyone regardless of income, providing opportunities for all ages to participate, in fact it could be said that camping and caravanning is proving to be one of the great social equalisers building friendships and connections across campsites throughout Australia.

Overall our survey results show that camping enriched the lives of respondents who report that on an average day overall 56% of them were happy compared to the non-campers with only 29% being happy. The report also measured the value of camping in terms of relationships, connections, health and wellbeing as well as the opportunity to bring couples and families together by disconnecting from the digital city life they leave behind showing that camping has many benefits for everyone.

For more information on a caravanning and camping lifestyle refer to our website:

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