CDC Home Care Packages

Seniors in a pool

As we go through life, our need for the various supports that are available in society and by the Government also evolves. Regardless of where we are at, an optimal and meaningfully independent life is a goal that every Australian holds.

The Australian Government provides a range of health and wellness programs that help Australians continue living at home. One such program is the ‘CDC Home Care Packages’. The ‘CDC’ standing for Consumer Directed Care. The premise of this program is that the consumer (person with a health/support need) is allocated funding and decides how the funding is used to best meet the ‘needs’ they have identified.

The many ways you can use the funding are nursing support, daily morning showers, exercise program, shopping assistance, gardening, domestic assistance, medication prompts, social visits, or many of the others services identified as being appropriate by the Government.

To access a CDC Home Care Package call Alzheimer’s Queensland today on 1800 639 331 or visit our webpage:

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