Choose a Hotel with Personality

When it comes to going away on holiday, the hotel plays an important role in your enjoyment. Dark and gloomy rooms, lack of amenities, and no style can turn your getaway into a nightmare. You have a great personality, and so should your hotel! Small, boutique-style accommodations can offer a brilliant experience.

Colour & Design

Maybe it is the walls painted in your favourite colour, themed rooms, or the elegant and rich designs of the hotel that attract you. With multiple hotels found right in the hub of the city, each one needs something to make them stand apart from the rest. Colour and design is a great way to do this. Do a little research and find one that appeals to you the most.

Individual Style

No two people are the same and no two hotels are the same. Small, boutique-style hotels are free to have their own individuality. They appeal to different audiences, and can better adapt to their location, allowing that to give their customers a better connection to their holiday destination.

Luxury Amenities

You will lose nothing when choosing to stay at a smaller hotel as opposed to a larger brand. Comfort and enjoyment are what keeps them in business, and they pride themselves on their ability to deliver this.

Extras – Gym, Library, Business Room

Taking it to the next level, the personality of the hotel can come from the extras and room additions that they have for their customers. Do you like to keep active and maintain your work-out regime while travelling? Then a hotel with a gym or swimming pool – whether indoor and/ or outdoor – might be the one for you.

For those who love to read but couldn’t fit a book in their luggage, some hotels even have their own library, with the very creative finding ways of using it as part of their decorations!

Or perhaps your trip has to include some business? If so, many offer WiFi, business centres and meeting rooms.

Wherever you choose to visit, there is sure to be a hotel with a personality that appeals to you. Head online and see what you can find!

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