Choosing The Right Cruising Style

With so many options to choose from, we thought we’d lend a hand and break down all the different cruise types to help you plan your next trip!

Family Fun

cruise family holiday

From water slides to dodge’m’cars, rock climbing walls to circus schools there’s a never-ending array of options to keep the grandkids happy. Sit back with a glass of wine by the pool as they splash to their heart’s content, read a book in the library, or enjoy a competitive game of putt-putt! There’s something for the whole family.

Fabulous For Foodies

Whether you’re after a culinary experience curated by a Michelin star chef or some simple but tasty home-cooked comfort food, there’s something for everyone on a cruise. Offering a wide range of delectable delicacies, from authentic Italian dishes to steakhouse fare, cruising offers an endless array of choices for the avid food lover.

Music Fans

Looking for the ultimate music lover’s holiday? There’s a huge range of music-themed cruises offering guests an up-close and personal experience with live performances by the finest Australian and International artists. These cruises offer a unique, immersive onboard guest experience such as dancing lessons, guest choir workshops, open mic sessions plus MUCH more.

Luxury Expedition

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For those wanting soft adventure and enrichment combined with 5-star service then luxury expedition cruising is for you! These vessels go ‘off the beaten track’, are perfect for nature enthusiasts, history buffs, ideal for those with an interest in photography and local culture but also love the finer things in life like a personal butler and exceptional cuisine!

Rambling River

If there is one thing that makes travelling difficult, it is painful feet. When you pack your shoes for the trip, be sure that you have footwear that is well worn and comfortable. The time to break shoes in is not on the road, and blisters, bruises, and pinched toes are not part of the journey. Consider what you want to wear, be it on the plane, in a car, on a bus, or on foot. However, don’t discard nice shoes. You should always have something a little fancy… just in case.

Ocean Cruising

Bigger is sometimes better. Ocean cruising vessels are often 10 times the size of your intimate river cruise vessels so can offer a wider range of facilities and entertainment options. Imagine a choice of 15 restaurants or bars, private yoga classes and indulgent day spas. Think Broadway shows and comedy acts. There’s so much choice with an ocean cruise.

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