Dementia Action Week

Seniors looking at old atifacts
Dementia affects close to half a million Australians. That number is set to double in the next 25 years.

Many Australians will start experiencing the impact of dementia amongst their own family and friends in the coming years.

With so many people impacted now and into the future, it is vital we clear up some of the prevailing misconceptions about dementia.

People living with dementia can continue to live active and rich lives many years after diagnosis.  A little support can make a lot of difference.

Find out more during Dementia Action Week. The concept for Dementia Action Week has been developed in consultation with Dementia Advocates, who have a lived experience of dementia. The stories and voices that will feature across Dementia Action Week are real.

Dementia Australia’s engagement with Advocates indicates that there is a prevailing attitude that people living with dementia are old, frail, and living in care. The experience of Advocates is that once diagnosed with dementia there is a perception they have a complete loss of function and independence.

These misconceptions lead to judgements by the community about the capacity of a person living with dementia and condescending behaviours. Such beliefs can lead to significant discrimination against people living with dementia.

Dementia Action Week 2020 will demonstrate that many people living with dementia can continue to live well for many years after their diagnosis. Many continue to make significant contributions to our community, they engage, make their own choices and live rich and active lives.

As part of Dementia Action Week, Dementia Australia will release a tip and resources each day on how everyone can help people living with dementia live well. These tips will be available at or you can read the tips on Dementia Australia social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Community organisations, partners and supporters will be able to spread the word and help us reach even more people by sharing our content across their own channels and networks throughout the week.  To register your interest in receiving a campaign kit before Dementia Action Week, please visit

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