Doctors That Visit You

No one plans to get sick or injured, but when you do, Murphy’s Law suggests it will happen on the weekend or after your GP’s normal opening hours. Thankfully, if your condition is not life-threatening, but can’t wait until your GP clinic opens, after hours house call doctor services have doctors ready to visit you in your own home. Arriving at your door with expertise and a prescription pad, they are the best option for seniors, young children and those with limited mobility who need urgent care when their regular GP isn’t available.

As over 50s, we are prone to age-associated health risks. We are also more likely to have parents who are in their later years and who may not be able to easily tend to themselves when ill or drive at night to seek medical treatment. So, what can we do if we, or our parents, fall sick when our GP is closed?

In the past, a hospital visit was about the only answer if you or your loved one became sick overnight, over the weekend or on a public holiday. That saw Emergency Departments crammed with people whose condition wasn’t life-threatening, adding pressure to hospital staff and resulting in long waits for those seeking medical assistance.

This is where house call doctors and home-care visits help. These services tend to patients after hours in their own homes. They are especially helpful for the over 50s, as well as those with retired parents, those who are travelling, and even those of us with elderly friends, parents, and relatives who may not live nearby.

A house call doctor visit can provide optimal support, deliver comfort, and provide medication and scripts at times when we feel particularly vulnerable and in need of urgent care. Privately-owned Australian companies are focused on delivering after hours house call doctor services to patients in their homes, with Queensland’s largest provider already making more than 600,000 visits since it started in 2015.

Services offer a highly-qualified team of physicians and provide families with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved ones are comfortable at home and in good hands. You can have the assurance that if you are away or live some distance from a loved one, they will likely have a professional service nearby who can help when they fall sick at night and on weekends.

Some of the many benefits of a house call doctor visiting service include receiving medical care on weeknights, weekends, and public holidays; being able to have a doctor at your home, hotel room, or retirement village and being able to arrange appointments for loved ones who are living away from you. The after hours house call services are 100 per cent bulk billed for people with a Medicare or Department of Veteran Affairs card.

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