Easy Ways to Have Fun, Fun, Fun

seniors having fun in a go cart

Having fun doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. In fact, there are many ways to have fun that are easy and inexpensive. Here are just a few…

Getting Active

Seniors doing sport

It is important to stay fit and healthy, with the recommended daily exercise time of 30 minutes. But if working out on your own doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, why not try getting active with friends, family, or a dedicated group? Walking is a free and easy way to get your heart pumping without risking over-exertion. Take a long stroll with the grandkids, walk the dog, or meet up with some friends or an exercise group to multiply the fun. Chat while you walk and you won’t even notice the time passing by.

Movies and Musicals

Everyone loves a good movie or musical. Escaping into a fantasy world has never been easier with cinemas offering seniors discounts, Pay TV having channels just for movies, and Netflix able to be watched from almost any device. You can watch it alone or make it a group activity. You’re also not just limited to new releases, with older movies and musicals making you feel the good kind of nostalgia.

Clubs and Taverns

Clubs and Taverns offer a uniquely warm atmosphere. They have all the facilities of a fun night out such as eating venues, promotions, competitions, dancing and pokies. Once you have found the one you really like and fit into, the regulars become solid friends. There are dozens of clubs and taverns to choose from.

Eating Out

Why not get dressed up in your best clothes and dine out at your favourite restaurant. It doesn’t have to be an expensive restaurant – just make a night of it.

You can also begin your day with a nice brunch out with friends. Take the time to catch up on everyone’s families and lives, while you nibble on some sandwiches or a late breakfast.

Go Exploring

Hop in the car and explore your area at your own pace. You don’t need a plan, just set off and see where the day takes you. Go to places you often pass but never enter. Ask your family and friends for suggestions, and consider going as a group so you can all experience something new and exciting.

Nature Walks

Beautiful nature surrounds us. Take a historical walk along trails that have been carefully carved out through forests and parks. See how many birds you can spot chirping away in the trees or the reptiles that scurry out of your way. You don’t have to rush, and entry to these places is completely free.

Get Volunteering

One way to feel good and have fun is to volunteer. Take the opportunity retirement affords you to give something back to the community. This can be for any cause you can think of. Knit some beanies and booties for the maternity ward at your local hospital, guide children across the street safely as a crossing guard, or even use your life-learned skills to write grants and plan events for sporting clubs.

Go Shopping

We’ve talked about a number of ways you can have fun without breaking the bank at a shopping centre. Window shopping is a great way to get outfit inspiration. Doing laps of the often very large centres can get your heart pumping while still enjoying the air conditioning. Cinemas, cafes, and speciality stores will keep you busy all day, and you can try somewhere different each time you visit. Have Fun!

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