Eat Well to Age Well

The Royal Commission has spotlighted food quality and nutrition as a major concern for many older Australians.

Eating well is a basic pleasure of life, even more so as we age. A healthy diet is critical to ageing well, so while our bodies change with age, so do our nutrient and energy requirements.

The Problem

As we age, eating well can become more difficult, especially for those seniors who live alone. Some people may be unmotivated to cook for one, while others lack the mobility needed to shop for, and prepare, their own meals. Many older people experience reduced appetites and find it difficult to complete normal-sized meals.

As a result, getting enough essential nutrients can be a serious consequence, and this can lead to health problems such as malnutrition, increased infection and falls.

The Solution

Enjoying good food is one of life’s great pleasures, and that shouldn’t change as we get older. Access to high-quality food is not only key for good health, but also independence, joy, and quality of life.

Helping you or your loved ones to stay well by eating well, healthy meal delivery services, such as Lite n’ Easy, are a great option. These convenient, nutritious solutions, contribute to a ‘food-first’ approach for Australia’s senior and aged care population. Not only do they taste great and come with a variety of meal choices, but they are also good for you too.

Lite n’ Easy Senior Dietitian Ashleigh Jones says, “It’s important for seniors to have a varied diet, not only to keep their interest, but also to achieve optimal nutrition. This is because when we eat a variety of different foods, we also consume a variety of different nutrients, which helps us to avoid deficiencies.”

Your Choice

My Choice, by Lite n’ Easy, offers older Australians the option of ordering portions that suit their appetite. This range of meals have been formulated to contain more protein and energy in every bite, this makes them easier to finish and enjoy.

Lite n’ Easy customer Julie prioritises her health and wellbeing to make sure she is getting the most out of her senior years. “I’m much happier, healthier and have more energy now! Having my meals delivered by Lite n’ Easy, helps greatly with my independence and mobility issues as I no longer need to do food shopping or stand in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes for long periods.”

Regardless of age, our days should be filled with more than worrying about what is the easiest and most nutritious meal to create? Not only are you now able to sit back and enjoy a tasty dish of your choice, you can rest assured your body is getting all it needs to keep you ageing well.

If you or someone you know would benefit from healthy and delicious home-delivered ready-made meals visit or call 13 15 12. Want to SAVE 30% off your first order? Order online using promo code SENAOF30 or, if you are a HCP recipient, call us on 13 15 12 and mention this offer. Valid for new customers’ first delivery only. Cannot be used with any other offer.

Courtesy Lite N’ Easy

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