Energy Medicine: Balancing and Healing


Energy Healing complements and assists all conventional healing modalities and has profound positive effects.

“Energy is universal and all around us, even within us. The fundamental principle of energy is that it can never be created nor destroyed. Energy has always existed and will always exist.” We are all energy. We are all of light and sound.

Combine the Two and We Live in an Energetic Vibration

This vibration is created by our inner selves, our experiences, circumstances, environments and mostly our reactions to these and to all external stimuli. You see, we believe we are separate from all that surrounds us and that other people and conditions are not us. We do not acknowledge oneness. So mostly, the vibration we have within is a protection from external influences and a holding on to whatever self-image and life conditions we are attached to.

And, mostly, we remain attached to these for a false sense of security.

It is not until we become unwell or confronted by experiences of life that are beyond our control, crises, that we seek help beyond the normal medical methods.

When we can’t cope, are sick, exhausted or feel like we are failing – our normal practice is to do everything within our power to ‘fix it’ so that we can continue the safe and comfortable illusion of living in ways that do not serve us, but they are what we know. Our bodies are talking to us but we do not listen.

Energy Balancing

Energy Medicine: Balancing and Healing

Energy balancing is really about aligning you with your essence – so that you live in integrity and you are in flow because you are no longer in resistance. You are in acceptance and presence – being present with what is.

When we refuse to acknowledge the truth of who we are and how we really feel, we remain in denial which stresses the body’s energetic flow and strength which contributes to ill health, mood, and distress of all bodies-physical, mental, emotional, etheric, and spiritual.

Energetic Practitioner

person receiving energy medicine

An Energetic Practitioner can help to identify where energetic blockages and disconnections exist and assist to clear them.

An Energy balance can help to reconnect you with your self – your Source, your essence, your peace, joy, and health.

When we understand that we are pure energy, then we understand how all disturbances flow from our Energetic state.

Your healing comes from within – your Source, your inner/higher self and the choices you make.

A good Practitioner will create a safe, clear environment where they allow a higher vibration of energy to flow through them to you. This energy has an intelligence of its own and connects with your highest and best good.

  • Please always check the experience a Practitioner has and chat with them first to ensure that you feel comfortable with them. Energetic Practitioners are not regulated and can each work very differently. Find someone you are comfortable with.
  • Energy does not recognise time or space and can be sent from anywhere at any time. Be cautious when allowing any online Practitioner to work within your Energy field unless you are completely sure and feel safe.
  • Energy healing can be conducted on a massage table, while sitting and talking or remote healing can be “sent” through time and space – just pure energy.
Brenda Minifie is an experienced Energy Practitioner of 20 years and lives on the Sunshine Coast.

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