Explore the Hidden Gems of Brisbane

Every city and town has those places only the locals know about. They may be the cafe with the best High Tea like Room With Roses, the best cakes, or the coffee shop with the richest brew. Brisbane is full of these hidden gems, and we’re here to share some of them with you!

If you want to explore Brisbane, but don’t know where to start, jump on board the CityCat. Viewing the city from the beautiful Brisbane River allows you to take it all in. The buildings look bigger, the people look smaller, and you can hop off at any port and explore on foot.

Eager for some exercise? The Historic Spring Hill Baths are the place for you. You can enjoy a leisurely soak in the perma-heated pool or get the blood pumping by doing laps. While it is popular, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting in and getting wet.

City Scape

Want to give your brain a good work out? Escape Hunt is the West End’s version of the popular whodunit games. Players are locked in a single room where they must work together, deciphering clues to ultimately set them free. It’s great for those who want to do something different.

Brisbane’s eclectic nature means anyone and everyone is sure to find something to keep them entertained, whether you are visiting for one day or one week. Visit all of the must-see attractions but remember to take the occasional detour and experience the city in new and exciting ways.

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