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FREE Courses & Entertainment

Yes, you read that right! There are many things you can get free online or at highly discounted prices. Let’s dive in to check them out!

Online Courses

Age is just a number and it is particularly true when it comes to learning. Enrol for that course you’ve been always meaning to. Check out online education platforms like coursera.orgEdX, and Udemy that have made learning more accessible and interactive. These platforms have many courses that are completely free whilst some others are free only if you don’t require a certificate after you have completed the course.

Webinars & Events

Learning in today’s world has multiple facets and there are many ways to gain knowledge. While online courses are popular, webinars can fill the knowledge gap as well and are often more interactive. Also, webinars usually cover topical issues and often involve panel discussions that can be more engaging. www.eventbrite.com.au is a great site for finding free events and webinars.

Online Workouts

Explore online exercises on various portals like YouTube. Be it yoga, aerobics, Zumba, or full-body workouts, you are sure to be amazed by the variety of options you will find. It’s time to get fitter than ever before! You will also find specially designed workouts for seniors on www.livewellclub.com.au.

Serious senior woman making notes and using laptop in kitchen
Senior woman practicing yoga online at home using laptop

PDF Books

If you are a bookworm and enjoy the wonderful world of books, you can explore the vast treasure house of books in PDF format, for FREE! One of the popular sites for downloading PDF books is www.pdfdrive.com.

Audio Books

As technology evolves, so is the world for avid readers. While paperback books are still popular, many have migrated happily to e-readers like Kindle and Kobo. However, there is a new breed of readers, rather listeners, who enjoy listening to books, called audiobooks.

While Amazon’s Audible is popular, it offers a two-month trial for free after which you need to pay a monthly subscription to listen to popular audiobooks. However, there are many websites and apps that offer free audiobooks! Here are some free audiobook websites to get your bookworm mode on!

Free E-Books

Wish to read books on your mobile phone or tablet without downloading? Websites like LibriVox offer free e-books that you can read either on their website or their mobile apps. Choose from a variety of genres, languages and regions, absolutely free.



Social media is currently all-encompassing and from it emerged blogging, and the latest addition to the world of blogging are podcasts. Podcasts are advanced versions of audio programmes and the most popular ways to listen to podcasts include exclusive websites and mobile applications.

Google Podcasts are easy to download from the Android app store and offer FREE podcasts. Another application that offers podcasts is Spotify, and some of these are free. You can also explore podcasts on iHeartRadio here: www.iheart.com/podcast.

Senior man relaxing at home listening to music

Newsletters and Publications

If you are a magazine buff or love reading newsletters and publications, there are plenty of websites that offer free subscriptions to their content. You can read your chosen newsletter, paper or magazine online or download them for FREE. If you wish to get access to more of the content on these websites, you can choose to opt for a paid subscription as well. You can get access to thousands of online newspapers from around the world from this portal: www.onlinenewspapers.com.

Virtual Hobby Classes

If you are an art-lover, a craftsy person or just looking to pursue your hobby, you are sure to find immense pleasure in virtual hobby classes. While you can find some online courses and workshops on websites like Udemy and SkillshareYouTube videos are also a great place to begin.

Learn to write a Book

Each of us has a writer within us – it all comes down to putting pen to paper. However, there are many of us who always wanted to write and publish a book or novel. With time on your hands and in a new phase of life, it is the best time to learn to write a book and publish it.

There are many steps, tips, tricks and procedures that go into writing and publishing a book. You can take up short workshops, courses online or read free books on writing and publishing a book. Websites like Amazon and StoryWeaver are two of the several self-publishing portals for authors and writers. Get writing!


If you like quizzes, sudoku or crosswords, you can get access to new puzzles every week on www.livewellclub.com.au which is a website especially for the Over 50s and Seniors, with plenty of practical, bespoke articles, and other materials.

The great news is that our list just scratches the surface of what is available FREE on-line. Enjoy!

Senior woman knitting hobby at home
Senior man does crossword puzzle at home
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