Great Aussie Adventures

Australian Outback

You don’t have to travel around the world to visit famous sites and view the breathtaking scenery. Australia has such a rich history with landmarks that have been carefully preserved for generations. For those lucky enough to traverse this golden land, we have found a few destinations that will create amazing memories.

Outback Adventures

With the majority of the population living along the coast, many Australians are unfamiliar with the outback and its promise of solitude and natural wonders.

Perhaps the most famous outback destination for travellers is the Red Centre, boasting landscapes that seem to continue until the ends of the Earth. Breaking these vast vistas are friendly mining towns; Coober Pedy and its opals perhaps the most well-known.

Unlike many other destinations, travelling through the centre of Australia allows you to better connect with the Indigenous Australians, experiencing their culture firsthand. Two of the most famous outback sites are Uluru and Kings Canyon.

Uluru is located right in the heart of the Northern Territory. This massive sandstone holds a special meaning to Indigenous Australians, though many varied accounts tell of its origin. Whether it is viewed from up close or from afar, it is a sight to behold. Seemingly rising out of nowhere and reaching up high into the sky, you will feel yourself becoming one with the outback and its unknown stories.

You won’t believe your eyes when you scale the 100m-high sandstone walls of Kings Canyon and look out across the desert. Clear skies portray dazzling celestial displays during the night, and luxury accommodations open right up to the surrounding nature and wildlife. There is no place in Australia like it.

Wonders of the West Coast & Kimberley

National parks and majestic landmarks permeate the Australian landscape, and the west coast is in no way left out. Yanchep National Park is complete with both bushland and wetland and is the home to some of Australia’s most adorable fauna, specifically the western grey kangaroos and assorted birdlife. Sprawling gardens interspersed with walking trails let you get up close and personal while maintaining the habitat and routine of the wildlife.

The Pinnacles are a great holiday location found only in Western Australia. Shooting out of the hard-packed sand ground like a flower sprouting, these limestone formations are fascinating. The local plant and wildlife embrace these natural displays, and if you’re lucky enough you might be able to snap a few photos of a grazing kangaroo at their base.

Of course, you can’t forget the marvellous marine life Australia has to offer. Coral Bay is a small town that sets itself apart from the rest. A quaint fishing village town, it has proven popular with locals and tourists. Dip your toes in the refreshing crystal clear water, be a bit more adventurous and hire snorkelling equipment, or sit back and let nature put on a show with the annual migration of the humpback whales.

Whether venturing north or south along the coast, there are always more delights in store for you. And don’t forget to take a snap or two, with the seasonal flora blooming to life and the sunsets sparkling on the ocean making for picture-perfect postcards.

Perfect Tasmania

Tucked away down at the bottom of Australia is Tasmania. It is a land known for its fragrant vineyards and dairy delicacies. Being separated from the mainland gives it a unique personality, with four distinct seasons that mean you can enjoy a new experience every time you visit. You can venture out on a wine tasting, letting the aroma fill your senses. Pair it with freshly aged cheese and your tastebuds will be begging for more.

Guided holidays are a great way to travel. Not only will you be taken to tall and foreboding penitentiaries, factories converted into museums, and other famous landmarks, but you will also be educated on their history and cultural meaning by experts in the field.

From north to south and east to west, the great Aussie landscape sure does it best. The next time you need to book a trip, look closer to home, and experience the wonders of our very own backyard.

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