Senior man teaches grandson to ride bike in park

Great Things to do with your Grandkids … That They’ll Love!

Becoming a grandparent is a wonderful experience. Contrary to your days as a parent, you get to spend this time truly enjoying your grandchildren’s company, not concerned with discipline and other parental responsibilities.

Whether your grandkids are young children or young adults, here are some things to do with them…that they’ll actually love!

Young Children

  • NATURE – One thing everyone loves is being around nature. Australia is blessed with an abundance of natural wonders for you to enjoy together. Go for a visit to the nearest park, having a picnic or exploring the playground. In order to remember this day for many years to come, take some photos or even collect some flowers and leaves to keep in a journal.
Granddaughter plays with finger-paints and blocks
  • ARTS & CRAFTS – If your grandchild loves arts and crafts, join them in making something unique and personal. A quick Google search will deliver an abundance of find-a-words, colouring pages, and spot-the-difference activities, or why not try creating one together from scratch.
  • COOKING & BAKING – In many families, recipes are passed down through the generations. Invite your grandkids into the kitchen and teach them something they will hold dear for many years to come.
  • PUZZLES & GAMES – Have some fun and expand your mind with some educational and entertaining puzzles and games. Head to the store to get the latest ones, or see if you still have any from your youth.
  • READING – Another way to expand the mind while bonding and being entertained is through books. Read some of their favourites, introduce them to the classics, or pick out something new to explore together.
  • MOVIES – These days, kids can watch movies at any time and any place. Do something a little out of the ordinary and take them to the cinema to see a new release. With discounted tickets available for seniors and kids, you can have a great day out without breaking the bank.


  • FAMILY HISTORY – As they enter their teenage years, your grandchildren may become interested in learning about their past. Help them along by visiting your local library and doing some research together. This can be focusing on great-great-grandparents, or tell them all about where you grew up and stories from your youth.
  • MOVIES – A trip to the cinema is a great way to bond with your older grandchildren. Afterwards, head out for a snack and discuss what you just watched. Ask them what they liked/disliked about it, and listen without interrupting. Not only is this fun, but it will also help you learn a bit more about them and how they think and feel.
  • NATURE – As your grandchildren get older, they are able to participate in more of your favourite pastimes, including hiking and fishing. Take them out with you, enjoy the quiet, or fill the day with conversation.

Every child and grandparent has different likes and dislikes. One activity may be perfect for one family but not for another. The most important thing is to spend time together and create a longlasting bond.

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