Great Ways to Modify Your Home

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Your home is your castle, so it is only natural to want to personalise it. As we get older, the home modifications that take precedence revolve around safety, security, and mobility. For those wanting to upgrade their home to ensure it fits their later years, here are some great options to consider.

In The Bathroom

Most of the accidents that occur inside the home happen in the bathroom. It is therefore vital to ensure appropriate safety measures are undertaken, including non-slip flooring and more space for easy manoeuvring.

But there is more to modifying your home than just safety, with plenty of options available for helping to make the best – and most convenient – use of your space. Folding shower seats take up only a small amount of space and can be moved out of the way when not needed. There is also a demand for modifications that are dual-use, discreet, and aesthetically pleasing. These include grab rails that can be powder-coated and coloured to match the bathroom decor, and toilet roll holders or towel rails that also function as fully secured grab rails.

Don’t pay for unnecessary, large-scale bathroom renovations either, with affordable bath-conversion kits. For approximately the quarter of a full bathtub removal and replacement, you can have a section of the bath wall removed and water-proofed, effectively turning the existing space into a standing-only shower without having to struggle over anything to enter.

In The Kitchen

Cooking healthy and tasty meals should be fun and convenient. For those who require a walking aid for mobility, or who suffer from arthritis, there are a number of kitchen modifications that can greatly improve your day to day life. Place appliances in areas that are more easily accessible, install tap-ware that makes grabbing and turning pain-free, and organise bench and storage to reduce clutter and trip hazards.

Outside The Home

The area around your home is just as important. It is the first impression of your home and can be improved with security and mobility aids.

Don’t be afraid to answer the door or venture out on a short or long holiday. Video smart doorbells and security cameras let you keep a watchful eye on your prized possessions. View the feeds via your smartphone, getting notifications if there is movement.

Whether it is for you or your visitors, creating an inclusive landscape design is a great idea. Consider upgrading your property with external access paths, step-less thresholds, and handrails.

You may have just moved into your new home, or perhaps just interested in redecorating. Whatever the reason, you won’t regret making the decision to making home aid modifications. Installation of independent living aid products can help you stay in – and enjoy – your home for longer. Don’t put off today what could greatly improve your tomorrow.

Courtesy Home Aid Modifications

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