Home Care Services

Your Home Care Package funds support you to access care and services to meet your needs. Having a Home Care Package maximises choice, so you can experience the independence and freedom to live the life you desire. Based on your needs and priorities, home care package funds can be used to provide the following:

Personal Care

Assistance with personal hygiene care such as showering/bathing.

Meals and Special Diets

Access to a wide variety of delivered-meal providers. Alternatively, assistance with meal preparation and cooking. Organised dietician advice to help those with special diets and cultural needs. Assistance to eat and, if required, purchase of specialised eating utensils.

House and Light Gardening

Assistance with home maintenance tasks required for safety, such as changing smoke detectors, window cleaning, gutter clearing. Help to keep your garden manageable and safe, including lawn maintenance.

Social Connections and Recreation

From social clubs and outings to interesting hobbies and past times, this service enables you to pursue things that are meaningful to you.


Assistance with transport to appointments, social events, or outings. Support workers can provide accompanied assistance or arrange taxi vouchers for you to travel independently.

Nursing Care

Nursing assistance is available for wound care, medication management, diabetes management, and other chronic illness.

Access to Allied Health Services/Exercise Programs

Exercise programs for building and maintaining muscle strength and flexibility. Access to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, and other allied health professionals.

Aids and Equipment

Purchasing or leasing equipment such as wheelchairs, shower chairs, electric beds, hoists, and other items.

Home Modifications

Assistance obtaining various home modifications such as ramps, bannisters, and handrails for better safety and independence.

Support with Chronic Illnesses

Support to access professional specialist services (e.g. dementia and other serious, chronic health issues), individual therapy activities, and access to specialist programs. Support for carers and families, including respite care, case management, care planning, and referrals to other organisations.

Access to Assistive Technology

Access to technology and devices to help you communicate and engage socially. Learn how to manage your finances and bills online. Help to stay in touch with family and friends via email, Facebook, Skype or Zoom, or finding and joining special interest groups. Reading the news online and keeping your mind active with puzzles and interactive online learning.

Safety and Security

Use of a personal alarm and/or key safe for use in an emergency to maximise security and peace of mind.

Pet Care

Helping to care for your furry friends, from taking them to the vet or groomer, to supporting you to care for and walk them regularly.

Everyone is unique and so are your care needs. These are some of the services that may be available to help you live a more fulfilling and productive life. Make an appointment today so you can live the tomorrow you deserve.

Courtesy Calvary Community Care

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