How to Hire the Right Tradies

Team of construction workers

In Australia, we are blessed with an abundance of qualified, experienced, licensed, and energetic tradies. From plumbing to gardening and everything in between, tradies can help us keep our ships in order while we go about our business. But the responsibility of retaining qualified, experienced and trustworthy tradies lies with you, the consumer. Follow these easy steps to make sure you get the service you need by a reliable provider.

Step 1: Your first step is to create a competitive environment where several, qualified tradies submit written quotes to perform the work you have detailed in a written job description. Be sure to give every applicant the same detailed specifications.

Step 2: Now that you have several tradies interested, encourage them to inspect the job site and ask questions that may not be detailed in your project specifications. You can learn a lot from the questions tradies ask and do not ask. If they are interested and experienced, their questions will reflect their enthusiasm.

Step 3: While the tradies are formulating their responses to your query, immediately begin tracking down their references, which list you should insist they bring when they pick up your specs. Protect yourself by performing proper due diligence. A bad reference should send up a big red flag. References from neighbours and people known to you should rate the highest.

Step 4: Ask the tradie to provide proof of insurance in acceptable limits. You can reduce your exposure to risk by ensuring that the tradie has proper insurance.

Step 5: Always ask to see proof of licensure when it is a skill that requires licensing in Australia. If you hire a tradie without a license, you put yourself, your property and your family or business at unnecessary risk. It is also a good idea to ask the trade to bring along a portfolio of completed projects. Visuals score high but don’t be afraid to drive by job sites.

Step 6: Narrow your list to three tradies and ask about starting dates and completion dates. If the job will take more than one day, insist that the tradie leave the job site neat and orderly at the conclusion of each day and add this stipulation to the contract.

Step 7: Before accepting the offer, inquire about the equipment that will be used on the job. Note its condition and age. Good intentions do not make good workmanship but great equipment can help!

Step 8: Hiring locally can help control costs but be sure the contract stipulates precise payment terms. Tradies should not be paid in advance but you may choose to release portions of the overall price as the job moves along. It is a bad idea to let the tradie get ahead of the job.

Follow these steps and you will hire the best tradie for the job! Good luck with your project.

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