How to Start Your Over 50’s Downsizing Journey

We are often approached for advice and guidance in recommending seniors and mature age friendly real estate agents with downsizing/resizing experience. With that in mind we have decided to put together a few tips to help you find such an agency that will help you on your journey.

Before You Start

Take your time and choose an agent who understands the complexities and emotions surrounding downsizing and transitioning to a new living arrangement. An agent that understands this scene can assess your home and lifestyle needs more accurately.

Create a Simple Plan

It is natural to have an emotional attachment to your current home, after all, it’s the place of memories and experiences. Though your family and/or relationship circumstances may have changed, an analytical look at your future and thinking about how that might further develop is important. An agent can offer advice or your family, friends and perhaps neighbours can help you work through this and create a lifestyle plan.

Funding Your Journey

If your financial affairs are uncomplicated, you may only need an appraisal on your property to assess your net worth, including saving/pensions, etc., to start the process. If your finances are more complex, then we recommend visiting an independent financial advisor to guide you.

Downsizing or Resizing

Whatever route you choose the next step can be painful. What to take with you, what to leave to relatives/friends and what’s for the tip? A good agent can put you in touch with a professional downsizing company and provide helpful tips also in this space. Our advice is to start early to ensure you have completed this task well in advance of moving or you will be spending money on storing items you ultimately throw out.

Selecting a Mature-Age Savvy Sales Agent

When selling your home, finding a reliable real estate professional that is experienced in downsizing/resizing and identifying suitable accommodation options for over 50s is crucial. They can assist you throughout the sales process, from start to finish, ensuring a smooth transaction and optimal sale price.

The Sale Process

If you feel comfortable with an agent, it is more than likely the potential buyer will do so as well. Your agent needs to offer a strategy that delivers the best sale price within your timeframe. Although costs matter, quality service is worth the investment. A reliable agent can advise on preparation, and provide contacts to help achieve your goals.

You’re on the Market

So what’s next? You will need to complete several tasks not least find a conveyancer/solicitor, removalist, house cleaner, and possibly a handyman. Find an agent that will oversee the many pre-sale chores that need to be completed. They should also start with helping find another suitable home, preferably prior to settlement.

Finding Your New Home

The mature age demographic is growing, and it’s important that your agent understands that many are retiring to the Gold Coast whilst seeking a variety of different lifestyle accommodation solutions. Once you’ve decided what suits, a good agent will help you find something appropriate and get you in.

Courtesy Seniors Real Estate Australia

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