I Need Transport – What are my Options?

Getting from A to B becomes increasingly difficult as we age. Many things can get in the way, including health and finance.

A challenge that comes with growing older is no longer being able to pass driving tests. This can be due to health conditions, faltering eyesight or night blindness. Half the time this is expected, and due to safety reasons surrendering your license is best. However, this can affect how you socialize and how you get to doctors and pharmacies to obtain your much-needed medications.

Financial reasons can also be a challenge you are finding impossible to overcome. In addition to the initial outlay of a car, there are the costs of petrol, registration, tolls, insurance and many more. While seniors’ discounts can be available, it does still add up.

There are many transport solutions you may not have considered.

Senior sitting in a passenger seat

Family and friends, especially those living in the same area, can become quick lifts to the chemist or carpools out to grocery shopping. Many seniors feel as if doing this makes them a burden, but children view it as giving back to the people who raised them. It can also become bonding time, stopping for a bite to eat, and chatting about life in general.

Public transport (buses, trams, trains, etc.) has undergone massive overhauls across the country, expanding routes and adding more comfortable vehicles. Tickets are inexpensive, with seniors’ cards offering discounts.

Catching a cab or an Uber is also a possible solution. You can come and go as you like, and don’t have to worry about whether your destination is near a bus, tram, or train stop. Arranging an Uber takes less than a couple of minutes, with measures in place to ensure a quick, safe, and easy ride. Cabs can also be arranged, with some Government initiatives offering seniors and other pensioners half-price vouchers.

Bicycles and electric alternatives are great for more active seniors. You can get from A to B while keeping active. Certain regulations are involved when it comes to electric bikes, and these vary by state or territory.

A mobility scooter might be the best transport option for you if you are travelling short distances or have poor mobility due to age or injury. They come in a range of styles and designs, including accessories like shopping baskets and lights to be seen at night.

The transport challenge may come as a sudden shock, but happily, there are now many alternatives for getting around.

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