Keep Cool & Look Younger This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and we all want to beat the heat while looking our best. Breeze through the sunny days with a few tricks that can improve your appearance and help you to be your most gorgeous self.

Au Naturale

It’s best to keep makeup fresh and natural as the season and our skin change with it. You can replace your foundation with a BB or CC cream, which are lighter alternatives filled with nourishing skincare benefits as well as added SPF. It goes without saying to wear sunscreen daily – minimum SPF 50 –and to reapply diligently every hour that you’re outdoors.

Dab a wet application sponge on your base of choice so that it doesn’t crease and accentuate your lines. Stick to light eye colours, add a bright blush to your cheeks and a hydrating lipstick of your choice.

Set It, Don’t Melt It

The secrets to waterproof makeup are Primer and Setting Spray. Apply primer to your skin before you begin your makeup routine. Not only will it keep your makeup from melting, but it can also help smooth out lines and give you that flawless base. If you’re doing eye makeup, be sure to use eyeshadow primer on your lids before putting on eyeshadow. At the very end of your makeup routine, spritz your face with setting spray to ensure your makeup won’t budge.

Tan Wisely

If you’re looking for a bronze glow this summer, it may be best to stick to sunless tanning. As we grow older, our chances of getting skin cancer and sun damage increase. You can still get gorgeous, tanned skin using fake tanning products while keeping your skin healthy. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturise your skin before applying these products to avoid patchiness and ensure an even tan.

Along with sunscreen, add on a stylish hat and some snazzy sunglasses for maximum sun protection.

Colours of the Rainbow

Bring some colour into your life this season. Summer is fresh and bright, and you want to incorporate those colours into your wardrobe. Opt for light and comfortable and soft-flowing fabrics such as cotton and linen to keep easy and breezy under the hot sun.

You can never go wrong with a chic sundress. Have at least one pair of well-fitted jeans which goes with your vibrant summer tops. Floral and tie-dye designs are in vogue and must-haves for this time of the year.

Accessorize Accessories

Wear stylish statement jewellery that will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a bold necklace, a stunning bracelet, or some funky earrings, stick to 1 or 2 pieces for each outfit. Pearls are always classy and look fabulous for all occasions.

Invest in a versatile handbag. You don’t have to stick to neutral colours; go with a bright colour. Be carefree and creative with your fashion choices.

Slip into a pair of trendy and comfy sandals which complement every outfit. There are loads of elegant shoes that tick the comfort box and you won’t have to compromise comfort for fashion.

Dress your hair in a colourful hair scarf, headband or scrunchie.

Hair & There

Your main tends to get thirsty and greasy when dealing with humidity and UV damage. Give it a good wash every 2 days and add on a hydrating leave-in conditioner for luscious locks all summer long.

If you’re going for a swim, coat your hair with coconut oil or hair sunscreen (yes these exist – look for hair products with UVA and UVB filters) before jumping into the pool to protect your tresses from chlorine and the sun, while ensuring your hair colour lasts longer.

Get ready to look hot but feel cool this summer!

Gurneet Sachdeva
Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide

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