Let’s Socialise for Good Health

Seniors playing card games

It is important to connect with friends and socialise in order to have a great life, maintain your health, and experience new places.

Research continues to show that maintaining an active social life not only boosts mood, but leads to more robust grey matter in regions of the brain relevant in dementia. This is encouraging whether you are a natural social butterfly, or only find the time to get out once in a while.

Socialising in the Community

It is often the case that people we have known for decades move away. Finding new friends may be a daunting task and something you have to work up to. If you are simply after someone to take you to the shops, sit down for a bite to eat, and deliver you back home, this is also a service that can be provided by government and community programs.

As we get older, it can be more difficult to make new friends. However, there are a number of great ways to make new friends while doing what you already love. Consider:


● Volunteering

Community Groups

● Exercise Classes

● Council Activities

Overcoming Health Obstacles

Your home is your sanctuary, but making the time and effort to get out occasionally can do you the world of good. For some, however, their health may be an obstacle. Perhaps arthritis makes walking painful, or health woes have you not in the socialising mood.

Head online or look in a phone book and you are sure to find a local support group for those in the same situation. Meet up for coffee and a chat, and not only will you be happier, but you might also learn new medical coping skills.

Taking Transport

Getting from A to B is more difficult for some. Perhaps you no longer drive or are unfamiliar with new roads. Whatever the reason, there are numerous transport services to help you get back out and socialise.

Buses, trains, and trams are a cheap way to travel, with stops close to almost anywhere you will want to go. Taxis are also a good choice. While they may cost more, you are free to travel to more places, and on your own schedule.

Uber and rideshare companies have grown in popularity, with over 50s favouring the app-run companies. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can order a vehicle, track your trip, and pay your fare. Rideshare companies are available almost everywhere, with vehicles available around the clock.

Family and friends can also help you get around, and you can use the time to chat and bond.

Community transport services are an easy and affordable transport option without relying on friends or family. These services include pick-up and dropoff at your desired location and give you back your independence. There are also seniors discounts available when it comes to travel. Concession fares allow senior, pensioner, carer, and health care cardholders to travel for a reduced price, with other community transport vouchers also discounting the overall fare price. Free transport is also available in some states for seniors, so it is a good idea to head online and look for ways to save.

Don’t let life get you down. Explore ways to regain your independence and get socialising!

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