Luxury apartment with outdoor rooftop pool in city

Luxury Apartment Living New Trend for the Over 50s

Downsizing into an apartment or ‘vertical living’ community comes with a lot of unique advantages not seen in more traditional landed properties.

The Apartment Living trend has really gathered steam over the last few years, with apartment blocks being constructed in almost every major city. The benefits are many, and there are many happy residents who will testify to any and all of them.

• Time – don’t spend hours cleaning and landscaping. It can also put unnecessary strain on aching muscles and bones. In some apartments, a great deal of the work is done for you. Cleaning tasks are smaller, and beautiful landscaping is part of the package.

• Cost – Many dream of living in luxury surroundings in a prime location in the city, but who can afford it? With apartments reaching up and not branching out, both the capital outlay and day to day running costs are lower.

• Location – Situated on prime real estate, right in the centre of the city, or on spectacular beaches, surrounded by all the activity and amenities you could want. Access to supermarkets, medical centres, and pharmacies, are all usually within walking distance.

• Security – If you love to travel, you can basically just lock the door and go on holiday. You don’t have to worry about who will mow the lawn, or put out the garbage whilst you are away. Features such as video intercom systems and secure underground car parking are important to the overall security.

• Quality – The newest furnishings and design elements to make apartments attractive and functional.

New Objectives

When considering whether to move from the family home or not, there are many factors to consider on the emotional and social plane. Big homes can be isolating, especially if they were once full. Do you get to see your loved ones where you are? Is it easy to get to medical centres, shopping, and community events?

Your home should be close to the people and things you love. Often times the family home was close to the things that were important to the family unit, but once the kids have left, those things that once were driving factors for your location may no longer be relevant. You may have needed to live near schools, but can now move to the seafront or into the middle of the city.

Emotionally, downsizing can be a difficult thing to do. Your family home may be filled with great memories; Christmases, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, laughter, and time spent together. However, these memories are not stuck to the home – they are stuck to you. When you leave, you take your memories in your heart, and they always remain with you.

More Time, More Money, More Access

At the end of the day, whether you are going into a smaller landed unit or an apartment, you should be downsizing for your own personal and financial freedom. Finding time for what you care about, instead of looking after a house that is too big, is important. If you want more time, more money, and more access to the things that you need, then you should think about downsizing. But why not Downsize and Upgrade at the same time?

We have a growing mature population that needs quality living options and it is great to see that developers are recognising this in their offerings. Visit their properties and find out what they have to offer.

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