Make Main Beach Your Home

Affluent and beachside are just two of the many befitting descriptors for Main Beach, Queensland. Located on the Gold Coast, it is one of those hidden gem locations that is so popular anyone who visits wants to stay. If you haven’t made the trek yet, here are some reasons why it is well worth a look.

Be Active

If you don’t use it, you will lose it. Being active in your retirement years is important for your health and happiness. Main Beach offers a lot of great outdoor experiences for people of all ages and abilities. Take a walk through the park on your own or with a group, allowing the fresh air to rejuvenate you. Or why not go swimming at the aptly named Main Beach, trying your hand at water aerobics, or letting the waves naturally tone and strengthen your body.

Entertainment and Leisure

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If you are a fan of discovering hidden gem venues, Main Beach has the ones for you. You won’t ever run out of interesting places to go, allowing you to set off on a journey from your new home, and all within walking distance. Of course, there is also renowned Tedder Avenue. Lined with elegant restaurants, adorable cafes, and bustling bars, you might just pass a famous surfer or international celebrity.

Spend the Night…or Longer

Get a taste for the area with a weekend getaway, staying one or two nights at one of the multiple high-end hotels, including the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort. But chances are you will fall in love with Main Beach and be looking for more permanent accommodation. Retirement villages and apartments are great places from which to start this next exciting phase of life. With towers constructed in prime locations, residents get to experience stunning views, modern appliances, sophisticated security systems, and the friendship of their neighbours and locals.

The Retiree’s Dream

When the time has come to finally put your work-life behind you, your new free time can seem almost daunting. Main Beach has the unique ability to combine its vintage personality with new and evolving styles. It is the most sought-after suburb on the Gold Coast and is the perfect place to downsize your home and upsize your life.

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