Making Arrangements: Life and Death Matters

Life and Death Matters

In April last year my dad suddenly passed away. I have been putting together a jigsaw puzzle since then and now realize that so many people are in the same boat and many don’t even know it.

I need to make people more aware of what happens when someone passes away. There are so many questions that need to be answered and whilst people can, they need to have those hard discussions and make arrangements to let their families and loved ones grieve easier and have faith that those left behind will do the right thing.

Our family had addressed the issue of death and dying but not in enough detail. It’s not until you have experienced the loss of a loved one that you understand how important personal details and someone’s wishes are.

My mission is to open people’s eyes and prompt people to think about what will happen when they are not here. Yes it’s tough and yes people will bury their heads in the sand and have the attitude that it won’t happen to them but reality is – it is going to happen to all of us at one time or another.

Now days the family unit can be greatly varied. Broken, blended and single families are trying to find a way through life. The more complicated the family, the more conflict is likely when someone does lose a life. Everyone thinks they are entitled and greed wins over need. He said, she said conversation can be misinterpreted and important details are never discussed.

Everyday people with everyday lives shy away from this topic. By doing this you place the power in someone else’s hands. You have worked your whole life with blinkers on and never really had the end in mind. I urge everyone to open their eyes and to get your affairs in order. Life and Death Matter’s. They are YOUR matters. Your voice should be heard, even if it is from the grave.

I have watched it; I have felt the pain and I know how easily some of the heartache can be prevented. You can make the burden on your loved ones a lot lighter when you die by addressing the important issues while you are still here and while you still can.

Elderly man looking at a phone

There is a simple solution that will save a lot of grief and heartache. A planner. Life and Death Matters. A record of your own important details and wishes will be enclosed and stored safely until required. This record and informative guide contains funeral, estate, personal and medical information. So simple. By filling in the answers relevant to you, you can guide those left behind to the answers they will need initially and well after the event.

I have a goal to help people through the most difficult time of all, by preparing for something that we all will inevitably have to face. As Jim Morrison once said, “No one here gets out alive.”

I miss my Dad everyday and if I can ease someone’s grief and heartache I know my Dad’s death will not be in vain. I want to prompt people to get their affairs in order and provide peace of mind for themselves and their families.

This subject is taboo but in a perfect world it shouldn’t be. To obtain your copy of this necessary planner please visit my website or feel free to give me a call 0407 374267.
Kind regards

Amanda Smith
0407 374267

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