Maroochydore: The Dream Relocation Destination

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The appeal of the sleepy, coastal town has been waning over the last few years, with residents requesting amenities and accommodations like those seen in big, bustling cities. Maroochydore, located in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, has seen a massive boom in developments, turning it into a dream relocation destination.

Entertainment Day or Night

There is no such thing as a dull day or night in Maroochydore. Sprawling beaches dominate the region; the glistening white sand turning into a sun-kissed orange as another beautiful day comes to an end. Treat your palate to a meal at one of the renowned cafes or restaurants serving up fresh dishes and drinks, before window shopping along the upgraded Ocean Street. In the centre of all of this is The Bright City, Maroochydore’s new Central Business District. With office spaces, convention centres, and exhibition halls, you can work hard before you play hard.

Medical Services

Whether you are on holiday or making the move, being close to medical services is a must. While there are a number of medical services available in the area, a major boon has been the construction of the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SSUH). Opened in 2017, it is set to expand even further by 2021. SSUH is the first teaching hospital to open in Australia in twenty years and will continue to serve and benefit the community.

International Travel

Maroochydore can also be your launching pad to the world, with the Sunshine Coast Airport expansion. The creation of the longer runway allows for flights from further international destinations, ensuring the community and economy will continue to grow and thrive.

Accomodation Options

If you are among the lucky ones looking to make the thriving Maroochydore your new home, you are set to be blessed with an abundance of breathtaking, waterside properties. With homes for every budget, you can choose between beach views or river scenery, each one more breathtaking than the last.

Picnic Point

Celebrating family

Almost gracing the centre of Maroochydore is Picnic Point. Quieter than the surrounding areas, it is a secluded haven that is still close enough that you can enjoy a day on the town. There are waterside properties with ocean and river breezes, hinterland views that let you wake to the sounds of birds happily chirping, and homes that get the best of both worlds.

Maroochydore’s transformation from sleepy coastal town to dream relocation destination hasn’t left anyone behind. From first-home buyers to retirees, there is something for everyone.

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