Memorials Tell Our History

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And Your Story Too

Across the world and throughout the ages, the memorialisation of the dead has been considered a defining characteristic of human civilisation. It is a vibrant tradition that continues to this day, including here in Brisbane where you’ll find that a wide range of options are available for you to consider, that suit every budget and every personal, cultural, or religious requirement.

It is very human to acknowledge and commemorate a life well lived and a fitting physical memorial is an enduring way of doing this.

It is human to want to visit the memorials of our ancestors and loved ones, to learn of our own histories and connections to a place, as well as to find comfort whenever we feel grief or wish to mark a date that is important to us. By connecting us to the past, providing for our current needs, or setting our own stories down for the future, physical memorials are integral to the community and generational memory as well to our own personal care while grieving.

Not wishing to leave memorial plans until it is too late is also human and, from antiquity right up to modern times, it has been considered wise to make provision for a memorial while still alive.

So, whether needed now or for the future, it is worth asking: what makes a good memorial?

A physical memorial, for example, might acknowledge military service or other life-long commitment. It might speak of your passions or share something you have created with those who will visit in the future. The important role of your connections to your own family, culture and to your traditions can also be captured in stone, bronze, and glass, setting this down for all to see.

Given our wonderful Brisbane way of life, a fitting memorial is also one that is in a cemetery or memorial garden that showcases the sun and sub-tropical splendour we enjoy every day.

For information on a range of Brisbane’s leading cemeteries and memorial gardens that offer affordable, customisable memorials that meet every personal, culture or religious requirement, visit

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