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Aging Gets Better When Mobile

As we live longer, mobility is no longer just a matter of convenience, but rather what keeps the quality of life, social life, and independence going. In terms of healthy aging, mobility scooters create all the difference in the world.

Two key elements for a good quality of life and health through aging are pursuing an active lifestyle and maintaining mobility. Though it is profoundly important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by practicing good nutrition, a weekly exercising routine, conscious stress-reducing, and a balanced sleep routine, aging is unavoidable.

Whether due to aging or an accident, eventually comes a time when giving up driving is unavoidable, either for a limited period or permanently. This loss of mobility can be a catalyst for a vicious cycle starting with reduced outdoor and social activities, isolation, increased notion of loneliness, reduced sense of self determination, anxiety, and sometimes can even lead to depression.

Deteriorating health, or a functional disability, temporary or permanent, usually means less mobility, whether walking, cycling, or even use of public transportation. This lack of mobility translates to dependency on a third party for many daily activities, which we usually take for granted, such as grocery shopping, errands, doctor appointments, social engagements, and recreation. The implications of an active lifestyle are grim, and no doubt other means of transportation are required. Mobility scooters offer an answer, both for mobility and independence.

Why Mobility Scooters

Active life, independence, and avoiding isolation are 3 of the top reasons.

Technological advancements made life a lot easier and accessible, making it possible to control life from home by using applications. However, it does not replace getting out of the house, engaging in social activity, being outdoors, and feeling active and vital. For people dealing with mobility issues, permanent or temporary, either due to old age or injury, being denied of loved activities can sometimes be devastating and start a process of deterioration.

Mobility scooters allow users to reclaim their independence and increase the quality of life. At relatively slow speed, with no physical power needed, mobility scooters provide a way to be out and about, and also help boost self-confidence, social life, and the sense of self-worth, while staying rooted in the local area and community. Battery-operated mobility scooters allow an easy, safe, and comfortable way to navigate, indoors or outdoors (depending on the type), while decreasing dependability, risk of falls, and social isolation.

How to Choose a Mobility Scooter

If staying mobile and active is the goal, a mobility scooter is the right tool. However, it is not a case of ‘one tool fits all’. On the contrary, it is all about finding the right one that fits precisely – the better the fit, the better the service. In other words, there is no instant-made answer to this question, since the answer is not entirely objective. Obviously, it is advisable to choose a solid brand, known for its good reputation and available and reliable service, that comes with high recommendations by users. There are more requirements to consider, depending on preferences and lifestyle, such as:

  • Type of Usage – The individual answer to this question is important. What will be the main use of the mobility scooter? What are your specific needs, and what are the characteristics of the landscape? The answers to these questions will lead you to the type of scooter required. Understanding your needs will help define the search. For example, if the scooter is mainly used for local errands, storage room is vital, a walker or an oxygen bottle is needed, and also needs to be a multi-function mobility scooter, fitted for indoors as well as outdoors. There are other accessories that might prove important and should be considered according to purpose, including: cane holder, sun canopy, shield, rain sides, wide seat, and more.
  • Easy User Interface – A mobility scooter must be user friendly to serve its purpose. Easy operation, accessible functions, and a clear display are must-haves, along with a comfortable seat, a reliable operation system that requires no effort while driving the scooter, and rechargeable batteries.
  • Safety Features – Safety is a non-negotiable. Prior to deciding on a brand and model, make sure it has all the required safety features according to use. This includes not just the engine, wheels, and brakes, but also powerful headlight, turning indicators, brake lights, reflectors, emergency brake, buzzer, reverse warning siren, high visibility reflectors, and more.

There are other factors that might be considered, such as low maintenance, comfortability, adjustability, storage place, size, and sometimes also portability. All should be taken into account and subjected to a driving test. Happy scooting, enjoy your independence.

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