Choosing Your Nail Polish

Nail polish is a fun accessory that can be used to express yourself. It’s an easy way to add some colour and pizzazz to your look, whether it’s for an interview or a night out with friends. If you’re interested in matching your nail polish to your personality type, here are some choices…

Red is Hot-Blooded

Painting your nails a fiery red evokes passion and confidence. This colour is best suited to those who are confident and outgoing, as it exudes an aura of warmth and energy. It’s a bold choice that can be pulled off by those with an adventurous spirit—those who have no fear to take on the world head-on!

You will be known for your vibrant personality; so, if you’re feeling adventurous or just want to make a statement with your nails, this colour may just be for you!

Pink is Playful

Pink is a playful colour. It’s youthful and energetic, which makes it a good choice for those feeling young at heart. Pairing pink with other colours like black or white can also give an air of sophistication, as well.

For lighter shades of pink, something with a matte finish will help keep the look light and feminine so that you don’t end up looking too harsh.

Purple is Power

Purple is the colour of royalty, so it’s no surprise that this shade is often associated with high-powered women. It’s also the colour of wisdom and spirituality, which makes it a great choice for those who are interested in spirituality or that are feeling a bit more experimental with their personality (especially those entering into a new phase of their lives).

Black is Strong-Willed

Black nail polish is a bold choice, but it’s also a classic. It’s the type of colour that can go with anything and will never go out of style. Those who wear black nail polish are often confident, outgoing, and adventurous people who are not afraid to express themselves through their sense of style and fashion choices. They like being different from other people and don’t mind standing out from the crowd.

White is Classic

Whites are classic, clean, and understated, but can also be chic and edgy. There are so many shades of white that you can choose from — from creamy ivory to starkly bright — so there’s something for everyone.

White nail polish is for those who don’t love to experiment with their look. It’s also perfect for people who aren’t into bright colours or bold designs. Those who choose white nail polish show that they like things simple but elegant at the same time — a combination that makes them great leaders!

Blue is Loyal

Blues represent loyalty and stability, so if you prefer this colour over others, then it means that those qualities are important to you in your personal life.

Blue nail polish can also show that you have a strong and determined personality. Often associated with wisdom and intellect, it can make you feel more confident in yourself and your abilities.

Just like your style of clothes, accessories, and hair colour, experimenting with your nail polish colour can be a lot of fun. So, the next time you are planning a mani-pedi day at the local spa, or feel like giving your nails a touch-up while watching the TV, what colour are you going to pick?

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