New Laser for Cataract Treatment

As we get older, many of us get cataracts and this is one of the most common vision challenges faced by the over 50s. The surgery involved to resolve the situation already has a very high success rate and the good news is that the treatment of cataracts could be set to get even better because of laser technology, according to leading Brisbane ophthalmic surgeon Dr Matthew Russell of the OKKO Eye Specialist Centre.

Dr Russel is referring to a US system that is now available in Australia called the CAPSULaser. Apparently, it is a pain-free, non-invasive procedure that uses laser to perform a critical component of the cataract procedure. According to Dr. Russell, “The evidence so far suggests that CAPSULaser may be safer than current laser cataract surgery, but this will need to be verified in longer-term studies.”


It is believed that the laser enables surgeons to perform highly accurate and consistent capsulotomies in less than one third of a second, ensuring precise size, circularity and position of the lens implant.


65-year-old Peter Hall from Brisbane’s Sinnamon Park was one of the first Australian patients to undergo the procedure with Dr Russell. “My vision has been declining over the past years, but the new procedure has lifted the hazy, fuzzy film that made it particularly difficult to see things in the distance, simple things like signs down the supermarket aisle,” Mr Hall said. “The procedure was a walk in the park – it took just a few minutes and was extremely fast and there was no discomfort or pain – and I’m back to playing lawn bowls and snooker.


Dr Russell said, “We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of bringing this innovative laser procedure to Australia and making the very latest technology available to Queenslanders who need to undergo cataract surgery,” Dr Russell said. “Until now, it hasn’t been possible for many day surgeries to afford the incredible expense that comes with the current laser technology, but CAPSULaser is much more accessible, which will have incredible benefits for South-East Queensland residents.”

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