Next Stop: New Zealand

New Zealand is an amazing country that’s home to beautiful scenery and exciting cities. Here are the places you should visit when you’re travelling there…


In the capital city of New Zealand, it’s not just the mountains that are glorious. Wellington is a stunning place to visit, from its sweeping coastline to its thriving arts scene and award winning restaurants. The city has an easy-going vibe and can be navigated on foot or by taking public transport.

If you’re planning a trip there, you’ll have plenty to do. Check out Te Papa Tongarewa Museum for traditional Māori culture; wander through Botanic Gardens; go shopping in Cuba Street; or take in some live music at San Fran Live Bar & Eatery. You could also choose one of the many festivals happening throughout the year—like WOMAD or Fete De La Musique (France’s largest music festival).

The home of the Kiwi cricket team The Black Caps (or All Blacks), Wellington hosts international sports tournaments like Rugby World Cup Sevens every year during February/March time frame when temperatures are still pleasant enough for outdoor activities but not uncomfortably hot yet!


Rotorua is a city in the Bay of Plenty region of the North Island of New Zealand.

It is known for its geothermal activity and hot springs, which make it an exciting destination for tourists. The best place to visit in Rotorua is the thermal reserve, where you can see the boiling mud pools, steam vents, and hot waterfalls that are common in this area. It’s a great place to take a tour or just wander around yourself!

Rotorua is also known for its unique Māori culture that has been preserved by local authorities through cultural tourism. This city is home to one of the most famous Maori festivals in New Zealand: the annual Waitangi Day celebrations (which occur on February 6th every year), as well as many other cultural events throughout the year, including Te Aroha o te Ao Marama (a festival celebrating the arts), and Te Matatini (a gathering of Maori performing arts).

Visitors can enjoy a plethora of activities while they’re here—from kayaking and fishing to hiking or horseback riding through the nearby Waikite Valley. A trip to Rotorua isn’t complete without visiting Whakarewarewa Forest—home to some of New Zealand’s oldest trees!

Milford Sound

Milford Sound, located on the South  Island, in Fiordland National Park, is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. The name refers to the mouth of Milford Sound, which has been carved by glaciers over thousands of years.

It’s one of many fjords in New Zealand (another being Doubtful Sound), but it offers some unique features that set it apart from other fjords around the world: its waterfalls (the largest being Sutherland Falls) and ancient forests. If you’re lucky enough to visit during wintertime, you might see humpback whales breaching out of the water!


If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn more about New Zealand’s history and culture as well as see some amazing scenery, consider visiting Dunedin! The city’s Otago Museum has an impressive collection of artefacts from all over Aotearoa (the Maori name for New Zealand) including Maori carvings, taonga pounamu (greenstone), early colonial architecture and even waka ama racing hulls used by local Māori iwi (tribes).


Queenstown is known for its adventure tourism—the area is home to many outdoor activities including bungee jumping, jetboating, glacier hiking, and white-water rafting. It also has excellent facilities for mountain biking and skiing/snowboarding. The town itself is small but bustling; it’s very easy to find restaurants, cafes, and bars to get some food and drinks while you’re there.

Franz Josef Glacier

The Franz Josef Glacier is in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island. It’s a perfect place for anyone who wants to see glaciers up close without getting too far from civilization. You can take a guided walk through the glacier, or if you want something less intense, there are plenty of hiking trails along its base that will lead you to ice tunnels and caves where you can get up close to the ice. Be sure to pack some warm clothes: even in summer it can be quite cool here!

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park is a national park in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island. It’s a great place to see native wildlife, and there are plenty of hiking trails that offer incredible views of white-sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, and native bushland.

The park is named after Abel Tasman, who was the first European to explore New Zealand in 1642. He explored the area by boat with his crew, but nowadays you need to visit on foot or watercraft because land access is restricted due to the high numbers of visitors each year (more than 2 million!).

Well, that’s it! That’s the list of the best places to visit in New Zealand. It’s a great place to visit with friends and family, or even for couples looking for an intimate getaway. New Zealand offers plenty of outdoor activities, as well as opportunities to enjoy its natural beauty at a slower pace. Are you ready to book your trip yet?

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