Planning Your Funeral for Peace of Mind

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Nobody likes to think about it, but the fact remains that we are only on this earth for a short time. Pre-planning a funeral is the logical and sensitive way to ensure your farewell can be a celebration of your life with as little stress possible on those who love you. At Holy Cross Funerals, our professional and caring funeral directors can guide you in completing required paperwork – nothing morbid or sad – simply practical, sensible, and easy.

Holy Cross Funerals is a 100% Catholic Church owned funeral apostolate and, as such, is a not-for-profit organisation. Holy Cross Funerals offers genuine pastoral care for families during their time of grief. The distinguishing feature of Holy Cross Funerals is our focus on the faith dimension of Christian Burial and Cremation. The death of a loved one is not merely a time for a “funeral” but an occasion for the Celebration of Christian Burial or Cremation.

Many people have personal preferences or guidelines they would like for their funeral service. Often this is something that’s thought about but not discussed with loved ones or family. Pre-arranging a funeral enables your family to follow your wishes as they are detailed in your pre-arranged funeral documentation.

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Funeral preparations may include pre-purchasing a burial plot and investing in funeral bonds. As well as ensuring your wishes, these can make good financial sense as a burial plot is not included in your assessable assets, regardless of its value. Funeral bonds may also be excluded up to the Centrelink Funeral Bond Allowable Limit ($12,500 as at 1 July 2016)
( Financial benefit may occur for those subject to Centrelink/DVA pension Assets Test. Any benefit will depend on individual circumstances. It is recommended that you obtain independent financial advice before any investment.

For however you choose to say goodbye… call Holy Cross Funerals on 3293 0555.

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