Preventing Falls and Fractures

Falls and fractures are one of the major causes of injury among older adults. Fortunately, it’s possible to reduce the risk by taking a few simple steps around the home and making some changes to your lifestyle. Let’s take a look…

Maintaining or Improving your Bone Density

Women have less bone density after menopause, making them more susceptible to fractures and falls. If you’ve had a significant injury in the past, or you’re concerned that your bones are becoming brittle as you age, there are things you can do to prevent falls and fractures.

Your first line of defence against osteoporosis is good nutrition. Foods high in calcium such as milk products and dried beans are important for building healthy bones. Drink plenty of water each day to help your body absorb calcium.

Osteoporosis can also be prevented with regular exercise.

Increase Muscle Strength and Balance

A little bit of physical activity can go a long way toward preventing falls and fractures that get in the way of your everyday life. It may sound like a lot, but just 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week is enough to strengthen your bones and muscles so they can support you throughout your day.

A convenient way to increase your muscle strength is by physical activity. This can include walking, running, cycling, dancing, and swimming. These activities can help you gain better mobility, balance, and strength. With the correct techniques and exercises, you can increase your muscle strength and decrease the risk of fracture due to falls.

Rugs and Non-Slip Mats

Rugs are designed to make your home more comfortable and attractive, but they can also cause falls and other injuries if they aren’t placed correctly. It is important that rugs not be placed in areas where people walk frequently or where there is a risk of tripping over them (such as at the top of stairs).

Better yet, replace your throw rugs with non-slip mats.

Non-slip mats are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so they can be used on any type of flooring. They come in both indoor and outdoor varieties, so you can keep your feet safe while adding some style to your home. You’ll find non-slip matsat hardware stores, home improvement stores, andonline retailers like Amazon—and installation couldn’t be easier: just peel back the backing paper from the adhesive strip on one end of the mat and press it firmly onto the floor.

Lighting and Clutter

Light is essential for staying safe while moving around at home. Keep hallways, staircases, and walkways well-lit so that while travelling through them, you can see where they’re going. It’s also important to make sure that the surfaces of these areas are clutter-free. This will make it easier to navigate without tripping or falling over something.

These are just a few of the ways you can work to prevent falls and fractures. By focusing on prevention, you can lower your risk for serious injury down the line and feel safer at home (and outside) without sacrificing independence or quality. Don’t let yourself become a statistic take steps now to avoid falling in the future!

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