Protecting Our Oceans

Our oceans are essential to life on Earth, but they face a myriad of threats that put their health and survival in jeopardy. It’s natural to want to help, but it can be hard to know where to start.

In this article, we’ll explore the challenges facing our oceans, and highlight the important work of Sea Shepherd, an organization dedicated to protecting marine life. We’ll also share ways that you can get involved and help support their efforts to safeguard the future of our oceans.

The Problem

Our oceans are facing numerous threats on a daily basis, from illegal fishing practices and plastic pollution, to the effects of climate change.

These issues are taking a toll on marine wildlife, with a growing number of species appearing on threatened, endangered, or critically endangered lists. Among them are the Hawksbill and Green sea turtles, the Fin and Blue whales, and the Hammerhead shark, all of which are suffering as a result of the ongoing challenges facing our oceans.

Illegal fishing vessels are wreaking havoc on our ocean, showing little regard for the health of marine ecosystems. These vessels are taking advantage of protected areas and engaging in a range of illegal activities, from using harmful fishing gear, to dumping equipment that poses a serious threat to marine life.

The individuals behind these vessels are driven by short-term profits, and they are willing to engage in a variety of unethical practices to achieve their goals. This includes running illegal shark liver oil plants, falsifying documents, and abusing workers.

The state of our ocean is a growing cause for concern, as we continue to witness the depletion of fish stocks, and the impact of plastic pollution on marine wildlife. Shockingly, up to 40% of all fish sold is caught illegally, contributing to the rapid depletion of fish populations.

Meanwhile, plastic pollution is having a devastating impact on our ocean’s ecosystems, as discarded fishing gear and other plastic debris entangle and kill marine animals and seabirds. The situation has become so dire that we are seeing heartbreaking cases of seabirds using plastic debris to build their nests, only to become ensnared and die slowly. The threat of plastic pollution is also causing animals to mistake plastic for food, leading to starvation and death.

As concerns mount about the long-term health of our planet and its inhabitants, finding solutions to these problems has become an urgent priority.

Our Solution

Sea Shepherd is taking direct action to protect marine life from a range of threats. With a presence on the water, our vessels are engaged in campaigns aimed at saving the lives of millions of marine animals, from dolphins and seals, to turtles, seabirds, whales, sharks, and rays.

In West Africa, we are working closely with governments to protect precious coastlines and waters from the impacts of illegal fishing. Through our partnerships with government agencies, we are able to provide the necessary resources to tackle this issue head-on, including ships, fuel, and operating crews, while our government partners have the authority to inspect, board, and arrest vessels engaged in criminal activities.

Sea Shepherd’s campaigns have resulted in the arrests of over 80 illegal fishing vessels in just six short years. We have removed vast quantities of illegal fishing equipment from the Mediterranean Sea in a bid to save the critically endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal, and cleared tonnes of deadly plastic pollution from Australian beaches. These actions have saved the lives of millions and were only possible thanks to our generous supporters.

How You Can Help

Your legacy gift will keep our vessels and dedicated volunteers on the frontline of ocean defence. You will be helping to protect our ocean and its precious marine wildlife from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.

We rely on the generosity of our supporters to fund our direct-action campaigns, and as we’re sure you are aware, these campaigns play a vital role in the protection of our ocean. Every day, illegal fishing vessels seek to plunder our ocean and thanks to supporters like you, we are stopping them.

Please call 1300 623 267 or email to learn more.

Courtesy Sea Shepherd

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