Putting 'Positive' Back into Life After a Serious Illness

If you are a cancer survivor or have won your battle against another life-threatening illness, you have had a terribly difficult journey. Although every aspect of your life has been changed for ever, you are so much more than that earlier person. You have beaten a monster of a disease, and you are still here. You are a ray of hope to millions who are still on their journey – but how do you make it count? Let’s see how you can bring the positive back into your life after a life-threatening illness.

Remember the Love with Gratitude

Most of you who have had cancer are fortunate enough to have received a lot of love and support during the treatment and convalescence. Fill your heart with all the love you received then.

Express your gratitude to everyone who helped you overcome the challenge. Few things can give you the same joy as expressing gratitude.

When you thank the doctors, the nurses, your partner, family, friends, and the others who were forthcoming with help, you are likely to get happy smiles and enthusiastic responses. A simple “thank you for helping me” can go a long way in filling your day and the other person’s day with positivity.

Get Involved with Care

It may now be time to give back to society and it will make you feel great that you are helping others to navigate their own journey. There are so many ways in which you can get involved. You can:

  • Raise awareness: Many are just starting on their journeys post treatment and you can help your fellow survivors by raising awareness of what to expect. There are many volunteer opportunities that you could take up or if you are comfortable with it, you can write or start a blog about your personal experiences, because these can work as a beacon of hope and guidance for others. There are also other ways of raising awareness – maybe you sketch, paint, design, bake, sing, or do anything else that can help to spread the message for early diagnosis and treatment.
  • Raise funds: There are many fundraising events that you can be a part of or if you want, you can start new fundraisers. There are online platforms that can help you raise funds from anywhere across the globe.
  • Donate: If you are so blessed that you can donate for the treatment of the not-so-fortunate, go on. You can donate to a national charity, or you can find ways to donate locally. If you want to continue to contribute even after you are gone, you can include a bequest in your will.

Join Support Groups

Like you, others have also won their battle against illness and also like you, they are living with an uncertain future and the fear of recurrence. Finding other people in the same situation as yourself and connecting with them, will help to give you valuable strength, support and positivity. There are times when the fear of the recurrence can become overwhelming. A support group can be of immense help during these times, because everyone there understands exactly what you are going through.

Start Ticking-Off the Bucket List

Reorganise your life and make time for doing those things you have always wanted to, but never quite got around to doing. Perhaps it’s having an exercise routine, visiting a particular place, retiring, writing that book, dancing, acting, singing, swimming or volunteering. Doing the things you have “always wanted to,” will infuse you with fresh energy!

Reward Yourself

You have surmounted a life threatening illness such as cancer. You have earned the right to reward yourself with generous praise and self-care. Gift yourself with pamper visits to the salon, or dine out with friends or family, or have a movie night – whatever makes you feel good.

When you fill your own life with positives, you can also inspire others to do the same.

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