Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Home is where the heart is and that is why it should never be neglected. A pop of colour, a touch of texture, and a shift of stuff could be all you need to spruce up your home. Add to that a final touch on your blinds and you have a terrific makeover with these 5 simple steps!

Reuse & Repurpose

We all have tastes, likes, and dislikes. You may enjoy a French provincial theme, or enjoy touches of the sea, or maybe your style is more modern. Knowing what you like is the best place to start. You may have some items that could be re-painted or shifted around the home.

Look at what you’ve got and use it. Shift it, style it, paint it, frame it, put it on a shelf; the options are endless! You should also have a good look at what you don’t need and store it away. Decluttering and re-emphasising what you love is the first step in giving your home a makeover.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint can make a world of difference to a house. Painting every wall is a huge task, but simply adding white to runners, doors, window frames, and edgings could give each room a refreshed sharpness. If painting the house isn’t your style, then you could paint the furniture.

A cheap chest of drawers, side table, stool, or bookcase could create an elegant home feature with a good lick of paint. Try painting an old chest and using it as a coffee table, or better yet – get the family involved and make memories as well as new centrepieces for the home!

More Mirrors

Does your home feel a bit ‘tight’? You can open up small spaces without actually knocking down any walls with a mirror. A mirror not only catches the light to brighten a room but also adds the illusion of more space. You could even look at mirrors as decoration, or place one beneath a fishbowl or bouquet of flowers for a personal touch.

Combine Different Textures

If an area is flat, it will not feel homey. Try adding textures in your home to add a more welcoming feel. For example, if your kitchen is mostly wood, experiment with metallic appliances.

Put different textures together, as well as different shapes, to test what you like. You could add a solid colour over herringbone, or a dogtooth pattern behind a simple floral. Textures are a great way to compliment colour and style, and they are an effective tool in adding new looks to old spaces.

Windows and Blinds - The Final Touch for a Great Home

One of the final touches to add glamour to your home are your window coverings. However, picking a set can be difficult because the choice is immense. Blinds, curtains, awnings, shutters, and all kinds of fabrics and colours. Knowing what you want is crucial and there are 5 basic questions to ask yourself. Do I need Privacy? Do I need to keep the heat out?

Do I need light control? What is my budget? What look do I want? There are many different options to choose from, from beautiful Custom Made Shutters, Roller Blinds, Romans, Panel Glides, Venetians and Curtains or a range of Ready Made Blinds.

Knowing what you want and knowing what you want your home to look like, is a great starting point. Find textures and colours that you feel go well in your home and compare them up against the window. Then consider how these things might influence the atmosphere, not just the aesthetics of the room.

For instance, shutters are ideal for the Queensland climate with varied designs and construction methods they lend a feeling of coolness and lightness to any home from Queenslanders to 1920’s Bungalows or Contemporary Beach Houses, just about any property looks elegant with this simple clean shade solution, and a wide range of materials are available to suit every budget. The benefit that shutters offer is that they are easy to clean, virtually maintenance-free, and they provide great airflow and privacy control.

Roller Blinds are one of the most easily customised window fashions with many choices of block out, light filtering in plains and textures or the very popular Sunscreens. Venetians have always been a popular, cost-effective window covering giving good air and light control.

Today’s Venetians are available in timber or composite materials in a range of colours in 50mm and 63mm wide slats and of course the 25mm aluminium. With the many options available, blinds, awnings, and curtains are easy to come by. Know what you need, and understand what you want, and you’ll be sure to find a perfect solution for your home. You can makeover your home with what you have and brighten it without breaking the budget. Keep things fresh!

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