Regional Care in New South Wales

Approximately 85% of the Australian population reside on the coast, surrounded by a plethora of residential opportunities and support. But what about the other 15%? Outback and rural communities provide a different way of living, and the over-50s are flocking to it in droves. Here are some of the benefits of relocating to a tranquil, rural retirement community.

From Beach to Bush

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Living amidst natural landscapes is a large part of being in Australia. Rural communities are by no means excluded in this aspect. Don’t feel confined and restricted, with rural retirement communities providing larger areas for exploration. Those living in Marmong Point are blessed with the expansive Lake Macquarie, where they can sit back and relax with some fishing and boating or get the blood pumping with scenic hiking trails. Rural destinations deliver untouched nature and are also a boon for those seeking a warmer climate to chase the southern chill away.

Staying Connected

Just because these communities are away from the coast does not mean they are disconnected. Take Lake Munmorah, for instance. This location enjoys easy access to bigger locations by the Pacific Highway. Hit the road and within no time you will be spending an eventful day in bustling Sydney before returning home to your more-subdued retreat. Modern conveniences and amenities are no longer limited to major cities, with developers and businesses branching out and adding more rural locations. All desired amenities and medical services are readily available, with professionals and practitioners also craving the more laid-back lifestyle.

Close Communities

Housing and retirement communities are also a lot more affordable in rural Australia. With areas still continuing to expand and enhance, villages are providing quality incentives, allowing you to be an integral part of building the community. Go from where it is unusual to know your neighbours, to a location where everyone is like family. Laurieton is a perfect example of this. Everyone is welcome and included, from town locals to newcomers, and even visitors and tourists – who will no doubt be jealous you get to live there.

History and Culture

Australia is often referred to as a young country, but it does, in fact, have a rich history. Carefully preserved through the generations, Braidwood is one such example of a community working to keep the past alive. As the first town listed on the NSW State Heritage register, you can be sure there is plenty of interesting things to see and do. Rural areas know how to draw a crowd, with country music festivals, rodeos, and more, letting you sample an authentic outback life.

If you want to make the move into the best years of your life, rural retirement communities are ready, willing, and able.

Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide

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