Retirement Communities: Giving New Age Retirees What They Want

No two generations are the same, and our new age retirees sure are setting themselves apart. No longer content with staying home or playing bingo, they are getting out, getting active, and, thanks to hardworking retirement communities, they are getting what they want.

The Baby Boomer generation are living the good life. They can work when they want, live where they want, and travel to any place they want. Gone are the days of raising kids and working full time, it’s the perfect opportunity to do whatever you want to do.

Statistics show that Australians over the age of 76 are the happiest demographic in the country. This is all thanks to their increased financial security, sense of understanding about who they are and what they want, and strong relationships.

Retirement communities across Australia are showing just how modern they can be, with directors eager to separate them from nursing homes and aged care facilities. These days, retirement communities are more focused on encouraging residents to be active and entertained on a daily basis. With Australian’s living longer, it is important to facilitate this to ensure their health lasts and lasts.

Only a handful of years ago, entering retirement was seen as an ending of a sort. Instead of seeing their life accomplishments as a beginning, it was seen as an end. No more!

Top Notch Facilities

It is easy to feel like you are on holiday every single day with the types of facilities being constructed for our retirement communities. Residents live within walking distance to swimming pools, gyms, lawn bowls fields, community halls with theatres, top-quality restaurants, and cafes. All of these facilities are available to use year-round, with the main aim to get seniors active and enjoying themselves.

Communities for Socialising

While most people these days don’t even know their neighbours, in a modern retirement community, you can be as sociable as you want. Turn strangers into best friends, with everyone in the same phase of life. Similar to a high school or university atmosphere, it is more than just a new home, it is a new lifestyle.

There is also a greater connectivity to the community at large. With these facilities located right in metropolitan areas, residents are able to remain connected and close to everything they could want or need.

Studies have shown that isolation and depression can lead to significant health issues. No longer are Australians over the age of 50 deemed ‘too old’ to contribute to society. These days, they are just as likely to get out and travel than their younger counterparts, and retirement communities are proud to encourage it.

Housing and retirement communities are also a lot more affordable in rural Australia. With areas still continuing to expand and enhance, villages are providing quality incentives, allowing you to be an integral part of building the community. Go from where it is unusual to know your neighbours, to a location where everyone is like family. Laurieton is a perfect example of this. Everyone is welcome and included, from town locals to newcomers, and even visitors and tourists – who will no doubt be jealous you get to live there.

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