Seniors Volunteering

Generosity Knows No Age

It can’t be denied that 50 feels like the new 40. Time is fleeting, and who knows what is around the corner? With so many people having children at a later age, many are still leading a jam-packed life full of activity, working hard to pay of that mortgage, and basically juggling, what feels like 20 balls in the air at once. Before you know it boom – you have just turned 50.

Retirement may not quite yet be on the agenda, however, consideration is no doubt given to at least slowing down, making adjustments to your busy schedule, and actually planting the seed for retirement.

Although we all may still feel young, there is a true sense of maturity that comes with age. It might be a generational thing or it may not, but people are definitely more socially conscious, now more than ever. Especially regarding what the next 20 years will look like for themselves and their loved ones.

We would like to set a good example for our children and grandchildren. We want them to develop a true sense of community, how it feels to give back, and understand the importance of helping others – face to face, rather than via a device. Hands on, getting involved, not from a distance.

It’s challenging to find ways for the family to connect. So why not consider opportunities that can involve everybody? The kids, the parents, and the grandparents.

Event Volunteering

A beach clean-up could be the perfect way to connect the family. It could be for 3 hours. You will finish knowing you have made a difference, you have spent valuable time with your loved ones, and you have definitely made some incredible memories.

Maybe you have started to slow things down and are wondering what to do in your spare time. You can put your experience to good use.

Executive Volunteering

A professional will volunteer their time to support a Not For-Profit or charity by implementing fundamental competencies to assist in the future success of the organisation. Areas of expertise could include designing a marketing strategy for the organisation, creating a business plan, writing a strategic plan, or the implementation of a customer service training program. Anything that would assist the Not-For-Profit in a positive way.

What if you still have a few good years left in you and have no intention of retiring in the foreseeable future? But, your social conscience is running wild and you have caught the philanthropy bug.

Corporate Volunteering

Enrol in a Corporate Volunteering Program for your workplace. Grab your colleagues and connect with your local community. You will be amazed at how gratifying this is. It builds team synergy, empowers staff, and is a definite employee benefit for the company.

Perhaps you have made that sea change. You’ve downsized and are ready to try new things and meet like-minded people.

Individual Volunteering

Think about where your passion lies, what hobbies do you enjoy, do you love being in the outdoors? There are many different volunteer positions you can choose from.

All you need to do is visit, follow Volunteering Gold Coast on Facebook, or subscribe to the newsletter. Either way, you will see what is available and what you may be interested in.

Courtesy Volunteering Gold Coast
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