Small Group Travel Benefits

Do you want to see the world and experience new cultures, but don’t want to go alone? Group tours may be the answer.

Group travel comes in many shapes and sizes from intimate small groups of ten twelve people to much larger groups. The group may also be specific interest related, such as the historical ANZAC sites or customised small group tours. There are even some groups that are exclusive for women only. There are many valuable advantages in small group tours.

Hassle Free

If you love the idea of travel but not the hassle of itineraries, organising flights, ground transport hotels…then group travel is a no-brainer for you. The group organiser will handle every aspect of your travel from booking airline tickets, cruises, transfers, tours and activities, travel and insurance.

Group organisers know their destinations very well and have usually travelled these routes many times. They know the important details that could make or break the magic of your travel experience. For instance, which local tour operators are good, which venue has accessibility issues, which restaurant has vegan and so on.

You will also have individual needs, for example, if you need vegetarian food or travel in a wheelchair. These individual needs can more easily be managed and negotiated by the group leader than on your own.

Travelling with a professionally organized tour will take away the stress out of organising and a lot of the uncertainly which goes with travelling to new places. You can relax and just pack your suitcase!

Attractions, Activities & Guides

As your travel horizons expand, so does the need to converse in a language you are not familiar with. A guided tour will arrange English speaking guides. It is not only the language, but also the depth of local knowledge that the guide has and the ability to give you the information in an interesting and engaging way. Your experienced group leader will know the best guides and that will make all the difference to your experience as you visit different historical and tourist sites.

Friendships With Like-Minded People

While some may choose to travel with family and friends, others want to use the opportunity to branch out socially by joining a travel group of like-minded individuals. While it’s true that you will surely meet plenty of new people at your destination, having other people along the journey will help you make some lasting connections.

As soon as you step into the airport, the cruise terminal or the coach reception area, with your boarding pass and baggage claim ticket in hand, you’re already on your way to meeting new people. In line at the security checkpoint, in the boarding area, and on the plane, the conversations (and friendships) can begin – and all before the journey has even started.

If you’re like us, you will quickly find that the most memorable parts of the trip are the chats you have and moments you share with your travel buddies after a day full of excitement and adventure.

Companionship & Sharing the Experience

We’ve all had those life-changing experiences that seem to lose some of their spark when you realise there was no one else to witness it or share in the enjoyment. They say that the best way to remember a place is through the people you shared it with.

You will also have more memories when travelling in groups because there will be multiple people who can remember what happened and help make sense of everything that went down during the trip. Added bonus – your trusted travel buddies can take great photos of you throughout your journey, saving you from getting a selfie-sore arm!

While travelling alone may allow you to go at your own pace, the truth is that it can be difficult to keep yourself entertained when there are no other people around. Even if your trip is intended to be low key and relaxing, having someone else with whom you can share stories and experiences makes all the difference. You won’t feel so isolated or lonely when there are other people with whom you can share experiences and discuss what has happened along the way.

Safety in Numbers

Safety is another reason many people choose to travel in a group. This is especially true for women and older people. From getting lost, to pick pockets, and accidents, there is always safety in numbers, so don’t let your fears stop you from fulfilling your travel dreams. Group travel can also let you feel safe enough to take a step out of your comfort zone. Travelling with a group means more opportunities to try new things and discover new places: like trying new cuisine, going on an adventure tour, or simply exploring a city’s hidden corners.

There will always be somebody there who will know what to do if things do not go as planned or if there is an emergency of any sort such as a medical emergency or if you have to cut your travel short because of a family crisis back home … nobody wants these things to happen, but they can and your group organser will be very experienced at handling these types of situations.

Group tour operators are also very adept at keeping away the touts and pressure salespeople who would otherwise approach you at airports and tourist centres.

Cost Savings

Group travel is also more cost-effective than solo travel. By splitting the cost of necessities such as travel fares and accommodation, you will have more funds for the fun things. Additionally, group travel operators get better deals than individual travellers for hotels, attractions and fares.

If you’re looking for a new way to see the world and enjoy some time off from your regular life, a once-in-a-lifetime group travel experience awaits!

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