Solo Travel can be Loads of Fun

One thing Australians absolutely love to do is travel. Unfortunately, not everyone has a partner or group to go with them and share these new experiences. Thankfully, the rising popularity of solo travel is seeing more travel agencies catering for those wanting to go it alone. Here are just some of the benefits of solo travel.


You are at the time in your life when you deserve the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Don’t be dragged to destinations and pressured to visit sites that don’t interest you. The choice is entirely up to you where you go and what time of year best suits you.


Just because you are setting off on your own, doesn’t mean you will be lonely. For most, when travelling with a buddy, there is little motivation to branch out and interact with the locals and other travellers. Force yourself to step out of your comfort zone and see how many new friends you will make. You will be surprised how many like-minded people you come across, with the shared-experience causing a unique and strong bond.


Solo travel can also be a benefit to your wallet. Flexible room accommodations, day-trips, and meals for one person will give you enough money left over to extend your holiday or stock up on souvenirs. Travel agencies that offer solo travel options will work to find you the best prices. Their expert knowledge can get you great deals, and your solo status might let you fit into otherwise filled places and events.


You have spent the last few decades being a parent and full-time worker; it is normal to question who you are and what you want out of this new phase of life. Setting off as a solo traveller will give you time to explore your mature self and personality. You can experiment, make decisions all of your own, and step out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes, people who are physically challenged rule out solo travel, but you should not. If you are a recipient of NDIS support, there could be good news. Although NDIS will not pay for your holiday, it may be possible for them to fund the costs of support and services that you need to go on a holiday provided they are reasonable and necessary – of course it all varies according to your particular circumstances, but it is well worth finding out.

With these and many more reasons to choose solo travel, now is the best time to book a short trip or set off on the grand adventure you’ve always dreamed of.

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