Successful Advertising

Advertising in the Australian Over 50’s Living and Lifestyle Guide has proven to very successful for me. I have advertised in the last two issues, my focus being the branding of my business name.

I would definitely recommend this publication to any business wanting to get their name well known within the community

Greg Aspeling,

General Manager, Eziliving

Repeat Business

I am thrilled to have been a part of the latest issue of the Australian Over 50’s magazine. People just can’t get enough of the publication and constantly ask me for more books. It has been the best advertising I have been involved in and I am happy to recommend this publication to other business owners.

Annmaree Miller,

General Manager, Herb Heaven

Generate Inquiries

We judge the success of our advertising campaigns from the inquiries that we get. Once we have the inquiry, then it is up to us to work hard to explain the benefits of our facility and see if we are a good match for what the potential client is looking for. We got a good result from the first advertisement we placed in the Australian Over 50's Living & Lifestyle Guide and so it was an easy decision for us to be in the next issue. The staff at the Guide are easy to work with and they give good advice as to layout and the things which are likely to work in terms of generating inquiries for us; so it is pretty much a partnership. I am happy to recommend advertising in the Guide to other businesses.

Pat Dixon,

Manager, Golden Crest Manors

Information always in the homes of your target market

We know that our advertising in the Australian Over 50's Living & Lifestyle Guide works because we consistently get orders for our meals from the advertisement.

The best thing for us is that the Guide is not thrown away as a newspaper or even a magazine might be. Instead, because of its quality and because of the reference materials inside, it is clear that readers keep the Guide in their homes for six months or even longer. With this knowledge, we advertise some of our actual menu in the Guide, where they can easily access it and phone in their meal orders.

If your business target is the Over 50's, then we can recommend this publication as an excellent advertising medium because your message will not only get to the right people, it will stay in their homes for a long time

Marianne Van Kersen,

General Manager, Gourmet Meals