The Art of Ageing

What if I told you that ageing was something wonderful? That getting older can be the most beautiful, fulfilling experience of your life? There are also a lot of great things that come with ageing. Here are just a few…


As you age, your happiness increases. Yes, it’s true – seniors are happier than other age demographics. In fact, they’re the only group that tends to be more satisfied with their lives as they get older.

The reasons for this are varied, but it often comes down to having settled into the rhythms of life in one place and having strong social connections with family and friends.


Seniors are more open to new ideas than younger people, and have a strong sense of self-worth. They don’t mind trying something different and doing what makes them happy.

While the younger generations constantly search for their true selves by jumping onto every new fad and trend, seniors are more comfortable in their own skin. They enjoy the freedom to try new styles, wear white pants, combine socks with sandals, and further create their own style in the process.


There is never a better time than your senior years to experiment with food. While maintaining a healthy diet is essential at any age, seniors have more than likely passed the danger years of developing diabetes or obesity. This means more experimenting with new ingredients, recipes, restaurants, and cuisines.

With such a varied diet, it’s no wonder seniors are truly in their golden years.


After making it through all the years of full-time work and child-rearing, those over 50 can start to enjoy the luxury of more free time.

Spend more time with family and friends, take up new hobbies, or pursue old interests. Many people also find that they become more spiritual as they age, and enjoy dedicating more time to improving their health and general well-being.


Family is a source of happiness and joy. As the years advance, your family will expand.

Siblings get married and give you nieces and nephews, while your children bless you with grandchildren. Having extended family around – particularly the younger generations – has been proved to positively impact seniors, giving them a new lease on life.


When you’re older, you are financially independent. This is often because you have your hard-earned pension, and most debts like student loans (and perhaps mortgages) are a thing of the past.

With the family now out of the nest, and familial financial obligations eased, this is the best time to buy that new outfit, take that holiday, and treat yourself!

There are so many benefits of growing older. Let’s not begrudge the passage of time, and instead let us embrace ageing and all the positives that come with it!

Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide

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