The Benefits of Solar Power

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Being known as the sun-blessed country, it is no surprise that Australians are embracing the solar panel revolution. Despite government initiatives, there is still so much that people want to know before making their decision. This helpful Q&A will give you the facts to help you build a financially-stable and environmentally-friendly future for yourself.

How Does it Work?

Working on a molecular level, solar panels turn light particles from the sun into electricity. This allows you to keep your house running for minimal costs – as long as the sun is shining, you will have free power. The more solar panels you have, the less you will need to purchase from your electricity provider. Battery attachments can be included in your package, and allow you to store energy collected from the sun, meaning you can use it even during night-time hours.

How Does it Help the Environment?

Shying away from fossil fuels, solar is known as a ‘clean energy source’. It does not involve material being laboriously extracted from the earth, and therefore has very little impact on it. Choose to reduce your carbon footprint and help the planet to heal and regenerate.

What Are the Costs?

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The cost of solar panels varies depending on the size of the property, style of roof, and household need. Systems are accessible for all income levels, with add-ons and upgrades available. Systems can also end up making you money, with energy able to be stored and sold back into the grid.

What is a ‘Solar Break Point’?

A solar breakpoint occurs when the cost of the system and installation is surpassed by the amount of savings on your power bill that you have accrued. Also called solar payback time, they are an easy way to compare system packages to find the right one for you.

There is a solar revolution happening and you won’t want to be left behind. These days there are more options available than ever before. No two solar panel systems are the same, so it is important to take your time and do your research.

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