The Best New Changes in Living Options

As today’s New Age Retirees plan their future, they are looking for accommodation options that combine prime locations with modern designs and that extra value through services and top-notch security.

Today’s over 50s are looking forward to many years of an involved lifestyle with travel, activity and comfort. They want to be surrounded by great designs that complement their lifestyle and an upmarket living environment. When they travel, they just want to lock up and leave for the cruise or adventure they have planned.

Queensland’s leading developers have their finger on the pulse and we are witnessing the development of luxury apartments and townhouses in many locations across the state, to cater for the over 50s. These can be excellent options for the Over 50s to consider, especially for those who want to downsize their home but upsize their lifestyle.

In this special section, we look at some of the top developments in many prime locations offering both waterside and hinterland living.

Why Downsize?

The downsizing – or right-sizing – trend has been well and truly accepted by the current generation of retirees. Instead of spending their time maintaining properties now too big for their needs, they have sold-up and are moving into luxury apartments. With someone else taking care of the mowing, gardening, and even providing security features, the offer is very enticing.

Luxury Locations

Up in prime locations, these luxury developments allow you to move right into a whole new world. Thanks to their vertical layout, developments are able to be constructed in locations previously financially off-limits to investors and retirees. Beach apartments offer such close proximity to the sandy shore that you will feel rejuvenated by the fresh air and breathtaking views. Inner-city apartments and townhouses put you right in the middle of the activity and cultural possibilities. Even the hinterland has luxury apartments on offer, where you can wake up to the songs of the birds and become one with nature.

All of the Amenities

No one wants to feel left out, and when your home is away from needed and wanted amenities, it can make simple things feel like a chore. Developers have kept this in mind, constructing their luxury dwellings in areas known for medical facilities, shopping havens, and other facilities. Some developers have even taken it one step further, incorporating stores and dining experiences into their layout. A night out or visit to the grocery store could be as simple as an elevator ride.

Ideal Designs

The current trend in interior design is the artful and functional use of space. By utilising multi-functioning appliances to prevent counter clutter, larger hallways so those with walking and assistance aids can go from room to room, and spacious living, these luxury dwellings are more than just pleasant to look at.

There are many reasons to downsize into a luxury dwelling. If you have decided to take the next step, have a look at what developers have in store for you.

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